Help needed with Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling and holdestmade DH

Hi there,

So I’ve found holdestmade DH for controlling the Xiaomi Yeelight without any “middle man”.

I’ve managed to turn it on/off but I don’t know how to set a scene like in the yeelight app.

I’m looking to create 4-5 favorite scenes:
1 - 100% yellow warm light
2 - 100% white light
3 - 100% yellow/white light
4 - Movie mode (same as in the yeelight - I don’t know the exact values)

Holdestmade also created the SmartThingsYeelight DH but it’s more custome for color bulbs while mine have only color temp control, both are working BTW.

In addition it’s take about 3-6 sec for the commend to apply, can it be quicker?

Please guide me how to set them in the DH.

anyone? please …