Mi LED Smart Bulb (in Yeelight app) in SmartThings

Hi guys,
I was trying to find out, what could be the problem, but nothing.
I have my bulbs added into Yeelight app, linked the Yeelight (Xiaomi) account to SmartThings, but no bulbs were added (I have three of them, all the same).
I have also the SmartThings hub from Aeotec, nothing helped.
I tried to do factory settings of the bulbs (by turning on/off five times the power, it successfully did factory reset). I re-added the bulbs into Yeelight app, re-link it to SmartThings. Nothing helped.
I bought it in EU, hub is also from EU, I am living in EU (maybe it could be somehow related, so I added that info there).

Does anyone know, what could be the issue? Do I need to add somehow device handler or something? I am new to this. I had before only Google Home hub and the bulbs, now I would like to get everything into the SmartThings together with new smart home utilities.

It should be yeelight.light.color3 version (written in device info in Yeelight App)

Any solutions so far?

i have the same problem now, got some yeelight bulbs, can connect them to the yeelight app, they work but when i link the yeelight app to smarthings no lights are added, also tried everything (resetting lights, loggin in and out of yeelight etc…), nothing worked.

but this thread also seems a bit abandoned, so i guess that’s not a common situation :slight_smile:

also same bulbs “yeelight.light.color3”

but i guess it’s a not that big of a problem since the bulbs seem to be quite old and they don’t even work with wpa3 enabled…

also i deleted my previous post accidentally…

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It’s so sad that this problem still exists…

For me everything worked fine and about a month ago just like out of the blue I couldn’t find the lights in Smartthings app and in Google Home app… Just so annoying.

I also tried everything, resetting the bulbs deleting the Xiaomi account and re creating it and deleting all my Smartthings homes and rooms…

The only solution I can think of is buying something that’s not Yeelight(Xiaomi)


Facing the same issue also
Hope someone has a sulotion that can share

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It was working for a while now I relinked my yeelight account but can’t see devices.

Anyone found any solution?

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Hi Guys,
Does anyone find a solution ?

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Same problem with yeelink.light.lamp1 desk lamp. Bought in official store, it work fine with Smartthings couple years, then accidentally disappear, and no more displayed in Smartthing or Google home. Awfully. It is not cheap thing.

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Having the same problem