Xiaomi Temperature Sensor - Trigger Usage

Hi. I have just bought a Xiaomi temperature sensor and successfully linked it in ST using the bspranger device handler. That all seems good but I can’t figure out how to actually use it as a trigger. I know when someone tells me its going to be blindingly obvious but please can someone point me in the right direction.
I am ideally looking to get it discovered as a device in my Amazon Echo so I can do something like “if the temperature falls below zero degrees, turn on the heater”.
Would appreciate any help that can be offered. thanks

I’m not sure why you would need an Echo in the mix. You could do that in webCore, using the temperature dropping below a certain point to turn on whatever switch is controlling the heater.

Yeah the Echo part is just due to the fact that I use a Broadlink mini (universal infra red device) to turn my heat pump (air con) on or off. The heatpump controls appear in the echo as a device so would just be using the Echo as a way of allowing me to do this. Haven’t used web core. Might take a look at that. thanks

Check out the climate control smart apps available in the classic app app’s