[RELEASE] A Driver/Controller for Temperature Sensor to control STH devices e.g Xiaomi Temperature Sensor

Gupta Temperature Sensor Driver SmartApp for Smartthings

Can be used with any Smartthings device that has a temperature sensor capability - Temp Sensor(s), Thermostat(s)

Converts a basic temperature sensor to a thermostat like device. You can set up Heating and Cooling setpoints and variances so you can control smartthing devices when CSP and HSP on/off events are triggered.

I also added contact sensors so you can trigger virtual sensors to pass these events to Alexa.

Please let me know if you want to add any other types of device types but right now pretty basis On/Off, Open/Close functionality.

Use case for me was to turn off space heaters and window AC units based on readings from Xiaomi Temperature sensors

check it out at

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thank you VM

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