Temperature sensor

Is there a consensus on a good, cheap temperature sensor. I don’t care about it detecting motion or anything else, but everything I look at is $30-$40. Considering there are plenty of “dumb” thermometers for $7-$8, that seems like a pretty heft premium for adding a z-wave or zigbee antenna. Am I missing some hidden gem?

I’ve had good luck with the Iris Buttons from Lowes, which can be picked up for around $10. Their a bit finicky in getting them set up (there’s some great instructions on this forum to help), but once connected they seem to work fine for temp reporting.

All iris devices have built in temp sensors and go on sale pretty often. Also xiaomi makes a temp/humidity sensor for about 15$ that works great just can be hard to fully pair and these also go on sale often on sites like gearbest. The forums on here give great walk throughs on how to add them.

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If price point is your key driver then I would go for the Xiaomi.
They are very small and once you get your head around the pairing are easy to use and very reliable.

Is there a thread/post regarding the integration with Smartthings for Xiaomi temp sensors?

This is a good place to start.
Happy reading!!! :wink:

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That was what I was looking for, thanks!

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Xiaomi Temp and Humidity works great once pair properly.