Xiaomi temp sensor offline after 1 - 2 days


I’ve got a xiaomi temp sensor (the round one). I’m using the bspranger DH and it pairs just fine. The problem is ever 1 - 3 days the sensor goes offline. I’ve tried giving the button on the sensor a press but it almost never comes back online. The only fix is to delete it in smartthings then after a couple of days I can re-add it. Note, I typically cannot get it to repair immediately after deleting it.

I’ve checked my WIFI, the hub is running zigbee on channel 24 and my wifi uses channels 1 & 7, I’ve also run a wifi analyser on my phone, there are no wifi networks on channel 13 so that rules out interference.

I’ve got insecure re-join enabled on my hub

I’ve got 8 zigbee sengled lights which all work 100% fine!

I’ve got NO zigbee repeaters.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening?

Also does anyone know how I get historical logs off the smarthings hub? The only way I know is live logging in the groovy IDE but that’s no good if I want to see the logs from the previous night.



Had to repair mine a few times before they became stable, mine dropped off after but only because i had a repeater which i have now removed. No issues, sometimes they drop but come back within 30-60 minutes. This is a known pairing issue with Xiaomi.

what do you mean by repair them? I know you can do a repair on a zwave network but these things are zigbee

If you definitely have no ZigBee devices that operate on mains power besides the sengled bulbs, then it sounds like you covered everything except the type of SmartThings Hub. Xiaomi & Aqara devices will drop their connection with any ST hubs besides the v2 / v3 hubs.

This feature is not offered on the SmartThings platform. The only way to get continual logs is to leave a Live Logging open in a web browser (preferably on a laptop/desktop computer, not a mobile device).

Either way, log messages won’t help determine why your Xiaomi sensor is dropping its connection, because that issue is not at all related to the device handler, which is what produces any log messages.

Ah fair comment on the logging. Yes i have a v3 hub

Plus my understanding is with secure rejoin disabled the sensor should just show as present the next time it reports a value??? So maybe the firmware on the sensor is wrong, maybe it stops sending for some reason?

No, really it’s just the fact that Xiaomi / Aqara devices aren’t guaranteed to work with anything but their own gateway hub.

Personally, like many other users, I’ve had dozens of Xiaomi / Aqara devices working with my v2 hub, though, so it is possible to get them to work, with limitations and caveats.

From everything you’ve described it sounds as though the connection is lost somehow. However, it’s a known issue that Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee devices don’t re-join the network as requested by the hub / repeater, which explains why it never comes back online.

Channel 11 is more likely to be in use and that’d happily stomp on Zigbee channel 24 given the chance. Whether other peoples’ router signals are strong enough is another matter.

What about a simple range issue? When I had issues I changed my Wi-Fi channel and got some distance between hub and router but I suspect having a more centrally located hub most benefited me. Getting some Ikea smart plugs has certainly been a game changer though, even in a tiny property. It has made the difference between pairing Aqara sensors inches from the hub and pairing in situ.

I’ve used wifi analyser on my phone, there are some weak wifi on channel 11 but i thought ZigBee 24 was nearer WiFi channel 13. I’ve moved my hub to the center of the house, the light in the porch is furthest away but that works 100%

In terms of the centre frequencies, yes. However Wi-Fi channels are rather wide and overlap with a couple of channels either side. Even their weaker side lobes are quite strong relative to Zigbee. I mentioned channel 11 because channels 1, 6 and 11 don’t overlap each other and tend to be favoured, and Zigbee channel 24 is covered by the strongest part of it.

Simply re-add or repair (Or during adding in the app get the Raw data through Smartthings IDE and update the Zigbee ID) until the device finally stays online. Smartthings IDE is good for live logging and viewing events in order to do this. Its a bit fiddly but once they settle down its worth it, mine have stayed connected for almost 7 months now no problems. They used to all drop off but only because the repeater forced them to, its something that is built into the device and cannot be fixed unfortunately.