Xiaomi door sensors offline

Hello everyone, I’m having trouble keeping my xiaomi sensors “online”. I read about adding a powered outlet to act as a repeater. I did that but saw no change. Should I be doing anything else? Manually opening the sensors? Turn the network off and back on? Any other ideas?

I am under the device limit. I plugged in a smartthings powered outlet. Perhaps this wasn’t the correct choice?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

When you joined the devics to SmartThings, did you keep them next to the Hub until battery reports start coming through? In my experience, moving them elsewhere in the interim where comms would go through a repeater means they’ll fall off the mesh within a couple of hours.


How long do you think is needed? I left them in the room while I paired the other sensors and then went to install them room by room. So guessing less than 15 minutes per sensor.

It is my understanding that Xiaomi sensors do not work well when communicating through a repeater. You want the sensor to pair directly to the hub. It may be as simple as pairing while the device is next to the hub, but I think I read that you want to take the hub down for a few minutes before pairing again in a situation where you already paired the device with the repeater possibly being involved. Hopefully, someone can chime in.

Makes sense. Trying with or without the repeater isn’t helping. I specifically paired while near the hub but maybe it’s time to kick to a different hub. :unamused:

I’d suggest a couple of hours - if the battery reports don’t start coming through in that time, remove/re-add. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve not checked 100% by mapping out my mesh, but i’m fairly sure some of mine are repeating fine though some Osram Lightify Smart bulbs. One of these bulbs dropped off my network, as did a couple of Xiami sensors in close proximity. Pressing the button on the sensors did nothing. Readding the bulb then pressing the sensor buttons brought them back online.

I’m not sure what powering down the hub to remove a device will do if its connected through a repeate - i’d say its more important to first remove it from the hub network.