Repairing offline (Xiaomi) zigbee sensor post migtration?

One of my two Xiaomi contact sensors now shows offline post migration, another of the same type works fine. Both use a custom DTH and worked for 1yr+ pre-migration.

I’ve tried removing the sensor’s battery to repair, and also power cycled my (v2) hub (removing the batteries) – no joy. I’ve tried moving the device to within 10’ of the hub as well.

Any suggestions?

I’ve seen related posts saying this can not be a new app issue, but in any case I’d like to fix “using” the new app given I’ve migrated.

When you power cycled your hub, how long did you leave it off power for?

Not sure, 30sec at least maybe 60.

For this purpose, in order to force a Zigbee heal, the hub needs to be off-line for about 20 minutes. Leave all your other Zigbee devices on power. Then when they cannot find a hub they will go into “panic mode“ and when the hub comes back online the mesh will be rebuilt.

That should resynch the sensor with the network.

Tried hub off for 30’, same result. Contact sensor remains “offline”.

There is a slight chance its battery is low, even though it tested OK. I’ll try replacing that next.

I would expect the device reset procedure would be enough to repair the device, rather than needing to do a hub power cycle… seems ridiculous to bring the whole mesh down for so long to “re-pair” one device.

New battery, same problem - device offline. Tried power cycling the hub again (20’) but no luck.
Will submit support ticket.

I had the a xiaomi humidity sensor that was offline. What I usually do, worked last week when I used the new app. I got it to re-connnect by having the hub look for devices to connect to, taking out the battery and holding the button on the sensor while re-inserting the battery. It did not work on the first try but eventually I got it to connect agaain aand has been working for a week now.

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Tried the battery trick, no joy. So I did a forced remove via IDE afterwhich the new app finally discovered the device as a “thing”. Now on to recreating the related automations.

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