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Xiaomi devices all offline

(Monkey) #1

Hi, I’m on holiday and noticed all of my Xiaomi devices went offline at the same time, that’s two door sensors one temp sensor and one motion sensor. I have reset the hub remotely but baffled as to why this is? Any clues appreciated and anything I can do as I’m away for another week. Thanks


(jkp) #2

Which app are you using… Classic or STSC? If using the STSC app, try installing the Classic app and logging in as New to SmartThings and see if your devices show as offline there.

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(Monkey) #3

Hi thanks for the reply
No Classic app, never installed the new one…


(jkp) #4

Only other thing that comes to mind - click on the refresh button on each device.


(Monkey) #5

Well I added insecure rejoin in the app and restarted the hub again. Went to bed and they were all back? I have no removed the insecure rejoin back to its default. I’ve no idea if this fixed it or there was something else going on. Thanks for your replies BTW


(Tyler Durden) #6

My insecure rejoin is enabled. I can’t recall if or when I enabled it. All my zigbee devices are Aqara/Xiaomi.


(Keith G) #7

Enabling insecure rejoin is highly recommended when using Xiaomi / Aqara devices.

Hopefully turning it on has resolved things and they won’t go offline again!

If they do, then I would look at what mains-powered ZigBee devices you’re also using, because most mains-powered ZigBee devices (except some smart bulbs like Sengled) act as ZigBee repeaters, performing a similar function to WiFi extenders, and the vast majority of ZigBee repeaters are not compatible with Xiaomi/Aqara devices.


(Monkey) #8

Thanks Keith. Yes good idea. I’ll get a couple of the ikea plugs just to extend the range.