Xiaomi motion senser delay


I have just added at Xiaomi motion sensor to my ST (v3)…the setup went quit easy, and it showed up in my devices.

It also showed up in both android apps, but only the new one gave me the possibility, to include it in a scene, it showed up in bothe apps but the classic do not see the sensor it in the scenes.

When making a scene, i make it trigger a light when motion is detected, and it is set to turn of again after 20 sec…BUT even when i see motion detected in the IDE section every 5 sec, it does not turn on the light again…i have to wait about 3 minutes before movement can turn it on again…why?

it does have en hue bridge in between, but is the limitation there, or is there a setting i cant find?

the sensor register movement just fine,.

The Xiami motion sensors take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes before they will detect motion again. Just how they work.

The iris sensors take 30 seconds to a minute to refresh, and the ecolink sensors take 4 minutes. During that time they report motion until they reset, so thats why you see it as constantly being in a triggered state when smartthings checks in every 5 seconds. I think mainly has to do with conserving battery.
If you really wanted to you can use the jumper that comes with the ecolink sensor to put it in test mode which gives it a 5 second refresh rate, but that would probably kill your battery pretty quickly.
Most motion sensors are used to detect arrival, and then maintain presence awareness every few minutes, instead of continuing motion detection.
I would try to time your scene to correspond with the reset rate of your sensor, so the lights won’t go off without having the ability to turn back on from motion.

Thanks for your replies.

i’m not sure if i understand.

in the first picture, i left the sensor alone, and there is no logging in that period, so it doesn’t register in the logs if ST cheks:

in the second picture it register my hand movement approx every 60 sec (strange because it was around 5 sec yesterday)

Also even when registration of movement is done every 60 sec. the lamp does not turn on, i have to wait approx 3 minutes from last detection. so it can be turned off, but has to have a “break” for 3 min from last motion detection before it turns back on??? not good if it is installed in a hallway?

I get a feeling that my HUE sensor detect movement all the time, even when lights i fading out (after 2 min) i comes back on, when there i motion i the room again…

Is there a way t make them work like that, i don’t think the HUE has an battery issue

I don’t have the brand of motion sensor you have, but my sensors act somewhat similarly. I’d have to watch my live logging to be sure, but mine will show Motion on the app up until they can be triggered again. If your app shows “no motion” and you still cant trip the sensor, then that would be different than how mine act.

When I bought my ecolink I thought it was inconvenient that it could only be triggered every 4 minutes as well. So I bought a different brand for my closet where I didn’t want the light to stay on that long, and it still had the ability to turn back on faster than 4 minutes.

If there’s a Lowe’s around, you can check for the Iris sensors which can trigger again in under a minute. They are discontinuing them because they are selling the Iris parent company so they might be hard to find. But if you do find them, they’re only $15. I liked them enough to buy out 3 different Lowe’s when I realised they were discontinuing them.

I haven’t looked into other brands, but usually there are threads here discussing pretty much every device that works with smartthings, so it should be difficult to find information.

Here is the correct information about Xiaomi / Aqara motion sensors, taken from my February 2018 post about the v1.0 release of Xiaomi device handlers on the Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc) super thread.:

As for your original question:

Devices using custom community-built device handlers are still not officially supported in the “new” SmartThings mobile app, so your troubles may be related to that.

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There’s a way to hack xiaomi Motion sensors to trigger every 5 seconds. I’m trying to find that reference now. I think it is on a hubitat thread.

Actually the original thread is here on the SmartThings forums: