Ikea Motion sensor Slow (Detection refresh time)

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bought my first Ikea motion sensor and found out that its to damn slow in detection and its refresh time. So i thought it was faulty and bought a new one.
Still it detectes within 4-10 minutes!
I have put the motion in the house entery so it can turn on the light swich when someone comes but and light switch is on for 40 sec

Problem is that its no where as fast as Xaomi motion sensors i have and this sensor dose detect, but then it takes from 4-10 minutes before next detection!

Is there any fix?
I need an Ip rated motion sensor and this is sadly the only one i can find

The IKEA motion sensors have a 3 minutes blind period after the motion is detected, this is due to the fact, that the device has to preserve battery. It is running on two small coin cells. And that setting is hard coded.
It was not designed to be a security equipment, but for turning on lights when motion happens.

What is your use case? Why the 3 minutes is too slow? Do you really need quicker reaction times?
Where do you want to place it, as you are saying that you need IP ratings?

Thanks for the explaning. I did suspect a 3 min, even thow mine is acting crazy and have on few accations got activated after 3 min.
I use it outside the house in the entery and when motion detected it will switch the front lights on for 40 sec

Dont want the lights to be on that much since often its catcs or cars, ect wich will activate it.
Is there no way to buypass that?

Nope. 3 minutes. You can define a rule, turn on when motion is detected, and have another one to turn off the light if motion detected + 40 seconds.

But you will be unable to keep the light on for the next 2:20 and further on until the motion will be cleared and started again.

Do you know of any other motion sensor wich is Ip rated?
I have the Xiaomi sensors wich i think is much better, sadly not fit for outside use.

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After detection is done (on with timed off) is sent the Motion sensor sleeps for half the on time, so if on time is 3 minutes it sleeps for 1.5 minutes in order to save batterys