Motion sensor is st the best for me?

Hi guys. I’ve been thinking about putting a st motion sensor in the bedroom. But I currently have 2 hue motion senors and my experience with them has been a mixed bag. If I stand still they will switch off. No good if you use them in a room you sit down or lay down in. Is the st motion sensor any better? What are your experiences guys

At some point any motion sensor will switch off if you’re standing still. It sounds like the use you’re describing is really more occupancy detection than motion detection.

So one consideration is to use a motion sensor with a longer timeout on the motion (some are very quick, some delay up to several minutes). Or you can use Core or another smartapp to delay any actions to be taken after motion stops, eg turn off lights 30 mins after motion stops but cancel turning off if motion is detected again.

There are probably other ways to hack together a good occupancy detection scheme for your bedroom. There are pressure sensitive mats you can put under your mattress and connect to a z-wave open/close sensor with external contacts. Or a vibration sensor that will pick up tossing and turning in bed.

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I use the Iris Gen 2 sensors and have found they are pretty sensitive, but like you note, you sit still and they stop registering. I have one in my family room where we watch tv on a 15 min time out. We are in there every night and I’d guess about once every 2-3 nights it will time out even with the 15 min window.

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The Iris sensors are the most sensitive i’ve used. could give those a try.

This is a common issue with any brand . See the following thread for ideas:

I use a 30 minute window which has proven to be enough time for sensors to register movement in cases like yours. Even set up a 120 minute window for movie time.

This is why the Ecobee remote sensors have been ok with me for turning stuff off as they do not report but every 30 minutes. Useless for auto ons though.

In my bedroom I have several motion sensors. The lights come on if any sensors detects motion. But to turn off the lights all sensors must be inactive for xx minutes.

Works like a charm. But there are still those times that the lights go off. So, I set up a virtual switch that acts as a restriction for the automations. I just tell Alexa to disable the automation in the bedroom and she turns on that switch, thus stopping the automation and the lights stay on.