SmartThings Motion detects motion every 5-10minutes, more ST problems

I have a lot of different devices hooked up.
I constantly have problems with SmartThings devices, especially the contact and motion sensors.
You would think SmartThings devices would work best with a SmartThings hub - deffinately not.

Their devices are over priced and way worse than a cheaper option. Anyways, my motion detector decided it wants to detect motion every 5-10m now.
No idea how to get it to stop - anyone else have a similar problem?

Some of my motions trip every three minutes like clockwork. Have you removed the battery and reinserted? I tried it on two of them out of desperation and the problem went away (at least for now). I have noticed (and believe) that after the last firmware updated, they are more sensitive to light conditions (so fluctuation in sunlight appears to trip them).


Thanks but that did not work for me. Nothing but problems with these Smart Things devices…

Where are they located? Are they in an area where the temperature or light conditions fluctuate? If so, after the last firmware update, an increased sensitivity was introduced. I was able to do the battery reinsertion and relocate the devices and now my problems are gone. Just a thought.

This one is about 8ft from the ST hub.
It is in a room with no windows and the temperature does not change.

Be glad they work at all. My ST multi’s BOTH died within a week of each other less than 6 months after purchase. The LED doesn’t light, even after a fresh battery. I’ve found the Iris sensors far more reliable for detection and they haven’t died as of yet

On a security standpoint motion detectors will typically require a certain amount of time of not detecting any motion before they reset to detect motion again. I don’t think this answers your question but it might provide some insight on what could be going on?