Motion Sensor doesn't detect 5 seconds of motion

I have an automation set up so that when my motion sensor, detects 5 seconds of motion, it turns my lights on.

However, this doesn’t seem to work. Whenever the motion sensor seems to detect any motion (no matter how long), the lights come on.

Does anybody know why this isn’t working?

I’m not sure why the rule is not working but most motion sensor have a wait period before reporting changes.

Again, a little off topic but relevant: If motion changes to active, even if you left out of the room in less than five seconds, if your motion sensor has a 30 second wait period, it will show motion active for at least 30 seconds before reporting inactive. Some have longer wait periods like the Ecolink which only reports every 4 minutes. Some are 1 minute, some are 2, hardly any will be 5 seconds as this will kill the battery.

So, if the lights are coming on immediately, then the rule is not working. If they are coming on after the 5 seconds even if you are not in the room, it’s because it will continue reporting motion until the wait period has passed.

Thanks. I’ve attempted to move the motion sensor - as the problem started when it was detecting motion in our hallway (i.e. people walking past the living room late at night), even though it’s barely a second that this motion occurs for. Hopefully it will only detect motion in the living room now.

Yeah, test your wait period by looking at the status in the App, wave your hand or whatever to trigger the sensor, then wait to see how long before it reports inactive.

I love the Iris motions because they only have a 30 sec wait period but still the batteries last a long time.

What motion sensor are you trying to use?

It’s the newest version of the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor.