Xiaomi devices on sale (buttons/sensors/cubes)

I just ordered a few myself. There are DTH for each one. Plus more if you look through site like motion sensors and contact sensors.





Are all of these Zigbee? @Squidward

Ya from what I have seen. If you look down in the description. It breaks down every piece on the device, showing that it has a zigbee chip. For some reason the button doesn’t show it but I think it does have it.
Here is the DTH for a few

And here is the cube


2 X buttons
1 X Humidity sensor.
Great price.

Does this “Original Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch” actually work with SmartThings for sure?
I have heard that the ‘Original’ devices don’t (i.e. HERE).

The note you linked to was written in 2015. Since that time, Xiaomi has expanded their home automation offerings and now have a number that do work with SmartThings. :sunglasses:

You need to look for ones that are using the ZHA 1.2 profile.

The word “original” can be misleading in listings from Chinese companies, as it’s often a translation of a word which also means “authentic.” By which they mean “not counterfeit.” It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an older model line.


If you notice, the post you linked is from 2015 at which time they did not work. The DTH posted above if from Dec 2016. A lot of things can change in a year. No guaranty that these are not NOS devices that don’t work, but you can’t assume a post from 2015 about device compatibility is still applicable when there are posts from 2016-2017 saying it is now working


Appears the door/window sensors which use Zigbee (per the pic) are on sale as well. Might be worth a sniff to see how well they are.

I’m deffinetly doing the expedited shipping and insurance on these guys just in case as well.

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No doubt… I went to place an order for 10 of the door sensors but I got scared at the ‘Place my Order’ button when it didn’t ask me about shipping yet.

H12MOQOUC takes 8% off one item

Did not work for me :frowning: Just gives the message “Code for single unit price only; VIP Price, Special Offer or Group Deal all exempt.” and refreshes the page with no price change.

[quote=“RLDreams, post:7, topic:78892, full:true”]
If you notice, the post you linked is from 2015…[/quote]

Yes. I did notice that.
However, since the threads that offer Device Handlers for Xiaomi devices AND this sale alert thread refer to something they call a ‘Button’, I wasn’t sure, because the device I see on the GearBest page is called a ‘Switch’.

Furthermore, there is no mention that I can find on the official Xiaomi website (at least on the pages where I looked here Mi Global Home) about either a ‘Smart Button’, or a ‘Smart Switch’.

OK, and I don’t see anything about that on the GearBest page for this ‘Switch’. So, I was asking around to find out if anybody else has actually done the work to figure it out yet. Still nothing as of this post as far as I can see. If you know of a specific reference that tells us that somebody has successfully connected this ‘Switch’ to SmartThings, and has it working just fine, please point me in the right direction.

Right. I did NOT assume.
Based on the info above in this post, it was not clear to me whether or not this particular device works.
Therefore, I asked a question.
I thought that’s how it’s supposed to work. :confused:

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I was responding more to the general statement that “I had heard that the original devices don’t…” When a number of Xiaomi devices apparently do now, including the magic cube. At least there are quite a few community members using them.

As for the specific Switch device, I don’t know one way or the other. If that’s the same as the “button,” then there’s a device type handler for it and it does seem to work. If that’s a different device, again, I don’t now.


Not sure what exactly spawned this new thread but those prices are no different to what we’ve been buying them at for some time now. Also worth pointing out that these devices do not look HA1.2 compliant. Judging by the events that come back they aren’t eg. the cluster information does not conform. However, they do seem to work for the moment.


Ah the ol’ deceptive ‘flash sale’. @a4refillpad is correct… they went back to ‘normal’ prices that are the same. Le sigh.

I’d not come across these, so I appreciate the new thread.


They also have a gateway from Xaioni Mi that can serve as a Siren or a Door Bell and you can upload your own MP3 files to it.


The plug is Chinese, but if you get an adapter, the USA voltage will be enough to run it.
I seen it on my trip to Shenzhen, China this Lunar New Year. And all of these products work great.

Ya this is the biggest reason I made this topic. I have read the DTH before but haven’t been really able to find them for sale anywhere. Thought i would share a link to help out. Once sale is gone imma buy straight from manufacturers.

@a4refillpad , are you suggesting they will stop working or lose whatever comparability they have now? I just got a few to play with a.few months ago and.was.thinking of purchasing more. They’ve been behaving rather well for me so far.