Having trouble pairing these two Xiaomi devices

I’m having trouble with pairing these two Xiaomi devices, and I’m wondering if they’re even zigbee or some other proprietary Xiaomi wireless technology? I had assumed every Xiaomi sensor was zigbee, but maybe I"m wrong?

Has anyone gotten these to work with their hub?

Both of these came with Chinese only documentation. The Xiaomi door sensors that worked for me had english docs included. Not sure if that means anything.

Only the “Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch” you linked to is a ZigBee device. It’s also known as the “original” Xiaomi Button, and you can find my updated device handler to help it to work with a SmartThings v2 or v3 hub here:

The Yeelight Smart Dimmer switch, however, is a Bluetooth device, or at least the description in your link claims as such.

The only way to get a Bluetooth device working with SmartThings is to use some kind of “bridge” solution between the manufacturer’s proprietary interface and the SmartThings hub. There is a solution that allows linking a Xiaomi Gateway hub with SmartThings, but it doesn’t list support for the Yeelight Smart Dimmer switch, so I would recommend asking the author about it here:

Good luck!!