Xiaomi devices on sale (buttons/sensors/cubes)

I’d take Gearbest’s flash sales with a pinch of salt. Gearbest prices, in general, fluctuate more frequently than Amazon’s!

Flash sale prices aren’t necessarily any cheaper than fluctuating low prices. I tend to monitor my ‘favourite’ (Xiamoi) item prices every day or two…Flash Sale prices don’t appear to be anything to get excited about…generally.


I just took the dive and order 1 human sensor and 2 contact sensors. Here’s praying it all goes smooth when they get here.

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For the Xiaomi sensors, GB has the best prices around (“flash” and non-flash sales) when factoring in price, shipping (speed and price), and order reliability, in my experiences anyway. They regularly drop the contact sensors below $7 USD, and paying the $3 tracked shipping and $1 insurance hasn’t let me down in 2 small and 1 very large orders. Received all 3 orders in under 14 days.

Zapals and Ali prices are always $2-3 USD higher per item, plus more for worse (untracked) shipping options.

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Agreed - I also check out the other China big players and apart from the odd temporary variation - Gearbest’s prices are competitive.
I have bought a lot of Xiaomi stuff from Gearbest, shipped from China. I’m expecting my 5th order to be delivered today. I have had zero problems. I’m in the UK.

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I finally received my order from Feb. 22 today. I didn’t add insurance and had pretty much given up on it.

Any tips on how to pair the humidity sensors? I’ve got the Human Body Sensors (ha!) paired.


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There’s a Xiaomi humidity sensor DTH in the following thread:


should I be worried when my Smart Human Sensor doesn’t detect me?!

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I suppose that depends on if it is a (Smart Human) Detector or if it is a Smart (Human Detector). :smile:

I’ve got 5 of them installed right now. I love these. They are pretty fast, and the battery life is very good (so far).

On the other hand, I have not been able to get my temp/humidity detectors added.

Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor on sale once again…

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I’m so hesitant on buying these again. Most of my Xiaomi devices, especially the Smart Human Body Sensors, would decide to stay on my network for random lengths of time. One time, they may last for a few weeks, then another time, just a few hours. The three Smart Human Body Sensors I had eventually got lost or taken so I need to replace them but I’m debating if I want the hassle again. Anyone have other recommendations for motion sensors that are bit more reliable yet won’t break the bank?

$7.00 - X-10 sensors

you will need one of these in your house

and you can use my controller with it

I have a box of x-10 stuff Id be willing to part with for $25.

Id recommend getting zwave plus for the important automations. Zigbee will save you a few bucks but not as reliable, forb zigbee I’d recommend iris sensors if your in the US. I think they are on sale right now for less than $20

Aside from the adjustable mounting stand, any difference to this one?

Yes, a bit. The Aqara version provides an illumination sensor output, but only when a motion event triggers sending motion data.
There is a good bit of discussion about the Xiaomi Original and Aqara sensors, buttons, etc. over here:

There are several other places with information and conversation concerning these devices. Just do a search for ‘Xiaomi’.


For those really considering using any of these devices you might want to read. you have a 50/50 shot with getting these to work and then continuing to work

I definitely have zero problem for more than 6 months with two Xiaomi door sensors/one Xiaomi button, from last 2-3 months I subsequently added 2 more Xiaomi motion sensors and so far so good, I have no experience on Aqara ones though, compared to the range for both ST motion or multisensor, Xiaomi’s one are just superior, I have a couple of visonic $10 each as well and they worked well enough if there is any concern on Xiaomi


SO how many hops is it to your hub for these? More than one? Are you repeating anything?

I only have one ST outlet that could act as repeater and it is in a room for repeating signal for ST multisensor, quite isolated from those Xiaomi devices

And that is why it works. If you put it in the room to repeat it will fall off and never come back

Selling the following items in Bulk: $45

1 x Xiaomi Original Button
3 x Aqara Tempreture Humidity Sensors
1 x Xiaomi Open Close Sensors
1 x Aqara Motion Sensor

PM Me to buy.