Xiaomi devices on sale (buttons/sensors/cubes)

What process did you use to pair them?

What someone mentioned above…to constantly press the button until it showed up on smartthings. Prior to that i was trying to long press but had no luck.

Are you pressing button or tiny reset pin hole? Just want to clarify. So you got it to pair saying it’s a xiaomi button or a thing at first?

Did you install the Device Handler in IDE?

How Do i do that?

Hi All,

Pressing is nice…But this method works all of the time!


And here is the thread for Device Handler.



Grab the code from here: https://github.com/a4refillpad/Xiaomi/tree/master/devicetypes/a4refillpad/xiaomi-zigbee-button.src

Then read through this: FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings

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Yup… got the response from their support last night. Oh well… My GearBest order is shipped so yay :slight_smile:

Hi Dear,

It is one sensor for one part ,total 2 parts.

Thank you.

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Zapals Customer Service Team

So…by that math (if 1 sensor = 1 part, and this package contains 2 parts)…it sounds like they are saying that it’s two sensors…right?

I would agree. I’m in for qty 2 so we’ll see what comes. No extra ‘insurance’ that I could find. Stuck with Hong Kong Post at 7-30 days, DHL was 5x the price for 3-7 days.

Sweet! So, when they arrive, please post here, and hopefully I’ll remember what it’s about by that time. :slight_smile:

Hah, that’s what happens to me when I order stuff from china… puzzled look on the face when a package arrives.


I disagree. One of the images says “and the 2pcs sensors must install within 22mm”. They classify one sensor as 2pcs, because there are 2pcs to the full package.

Will do… I can see their response going both ways. We’ll have to find out when it arrives :slight_smile:

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Right, but in the post of mine that you quoted, I wasn’t talking about what it says in the product listing.
I was only referring to the specific, directed response that was sent to @xcesmess above.
If you look back there, you’ll see the specific comments that I was responding to.

I understand. I think the language barrier is preventing them from accurately understanding the question and responding that it’s only 1 sensor that contains 2pcs. They’re also likely just reading the product description without going into the warehouse to see what is packaged. In any case, we’ll know for sure when it arrives for him. :thumbsup:


Just placed an order for 2 windows sensors and one button from gearbest hope it will arrive soon, already have one multisensor from smartthings

The tiny reset pin hole

One of the reminder lists on my phone is “deliveries” meaning things that I’ve ordered for delivery. I always need to glance over it before I go out to do brick-and-mortar shopping or I end up getting duplicate stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just received my open close sensors. I got one to pair last night. Just doing the rapid push of the button. I woke up this morning and noticed it was no longer working. Appears to not be paired. Do you usually need to pair multiple times till it sticks?