Xiaomi Aqara Sensors just stopped working

I have a couple motion sensors from XA have worked flawlessly for some time now. A few days ago they just fell off the system so to speak. Checked the IDE they were showing but they were offline, I deleted them, re discovered them and they worked again…for about 30 min then the same thing. Anyone else have/had this problem? Any idea how to fix this? Batteries are fine, no real changes to my set up except I added 3 Google Wifi pucks to the house, the sensors are not WiFi so do not think that was it.

First thing I can think of is the wifi channel your new wifi system uses, the 2.4Ghz side. The Xiaomis are zigbee and possiby getting interference from your wifi.

I’m not sure how to check what channel your zigbee is using on the newer models of the ST hub. Maybe someone can chime in.


The IDE should still say what channel Zigbee is using regardless of your hub model:


I agree with your assessment that it’s likely an interference issue with WiFi.

Been busy sorry- thanks for answer, but help me out here once I check the channel then what do I do to correct the issue?

No worries, same here. You can’t change your hubs channel, so you’ll need to change your router’s WiFi channel to something further away from the channel you ST hub is using.

OK I will try that. Before I do and Jack it up worse :slight_smile: though, if I walk past either of them and check the ST App (new) or look at the things in the IDE they say all is well? they show triggered and then they go back to sleep like they are supposed to but they just aren’t turning on the lights they are connected to in the smart lighting automation(s) I have set up. May make no difference and what you are telling me may still be the issue. I just want to make sure I am giving enough info for you or anyone to help me out instead me not giving enough!!

So before I started trying to change the WiFi channel, I deleted all the automatons and rebuilt them, now everything has been OK again?? That’s what you get when you buy cheap I guess! No clue, we will see if they hold. Might be unrelated but originally I had one sensor that turned on a porch light sundown-sunup and another that just turned a laundry room light on-off. I changed the laundry room automation so during daytime it came on at certain brightness and at night it was a different brightness- but for whatever reason that would not work, deleted it all and went back to the original plan and it was fine?? Of course that does not explain why the porch light was not working…