Xiaomi Devices dropping offline

Hi – I have some Xiaomi sensors that are dropping offline after a short time. I am able to reset and enter them back into the network, but they will drop off after a short while. I am hoping someone might have some tips for keeping them online or tips on how to determine why they are dropping offline.

I have a V2, Ser E hub with about 80 devices connected, 42 of which are ZigBee (mostly Xiaomi running the latest bspranger DH’s). These devices are installed in my home which is about 80’x30’ with a second story and basement. The hub is located on the main floor, slightly off-center, and I have 3 Peanut plugs which act as Zigbee repeaters. SmartThings is linked with Alexa and Ring. I am currently having problems with six of the ZigBee devices – a leak sensor, a temp sensor and 3 window sensors. The routes appear to be logical for each of these devices and batteries are fresh.

Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated. TIA

Are the Peanut plugs compatible with Xiaomi? I know the IKEA plugs are.

Here’s a good post in the Hubitat community that may be helpful on repeaters that seem to work with Xiaomi devices (non zigbee 3.0 versions from what I can tell):

Look for the section titled “Zigbee repeaters reported to work with Xiaomi devices”

NOTE: The Peanut plug is the “Zigbee repeaters reported NOT to work with Xiaomi devices” list.

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Thanks for this information. In addition to the Peanut repeaters, I also have an Ikea Tradfri plug but right now only one device is routing through it. I need to read through and digest all of this. I guess I also need to look for a cost effective, reliable replacement for my Xiaomi sensors.

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Long story short… Dump the peanuts!

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Did you find an answer? I’ve had xiaomi buttons for a long time. No issue. I’ve probably have around the same amount of devices as you. Just picked up a couple motion sensors from them and I cant keep them online longer than 30 mins. No repeaters in between, and currently have it sitting next to my hub. I’m dumbfounded.

Depending on your hub revision, SmartThings can handle only 32 or 64 directly-paired Zigbee end devices (means “not repeaters”) maximum. Repeaters extend this number indefinitely, though each repeater can only route for its own (usually much smaller) maximum number of devices. So if you really do have as many Zigbee devices as the OP and aren’t using a v3 hub, you could be running into that limit. The thread linked to on the Hubitat forum above has lots of commentary on what repeaters do or don’t work well.

Regardless of hub version, being next to the hub is also no guarantee that devices aren’t going through a repeater, though that’s usually helpful to ensure that. Unplugging the repeaters is the only way to force it not to for sure, though Zigbee devices also constantly reevaluate routes and may begin routing through one later (though my Xiaomi devices seem exceedingly resistant to changing routes). So, if you’re aren’t using all “Xiaomi friendly” repeaters or at least used some method to verify that yours are indeed routing directly to the hub, I wouldn’t be confident about the potential source of your problem (but it’s almost always one of those two things).

Thank you for the reply. I added up my zigbee stuff and ended up with around 50 or so. Over the last couple days I’ve tried messing with both the aqara motion sensors I got and can’t figure it out for the life of me. I made sure they werent going through repeaters by checking the ide, and I’ve tried it with them going through repeaters. I’ve removed them. Re added them. They will act perfect for anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours and then they just drop off. I have to be doing something wrong.

When I add them to the network I press and hold the button usually for 3 seconds or so then sometimes have to press it a few more times after that. I’ve already got the bspranger code in there. So it seems to add it no problem. After a few tries it usually just pops right up as add Xiaomi Aqara motion sensor.

I’ve looked at the catch-all while adding it and the the device network id seems to match. I’m out of ideas so anything would be appreciated. I just can’t imagine both of them are bad.

What repeaters do you have? There are only a few that work well with Xiaomi devices. Here’s a great post from Hubitat’s site:

Note the section titled “Zigbee repeaters reported NOT to work with Xiaomi devices” and “Zigbee repeaters reported to work with Xiaomi devices”

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