Xiaomi Dafang 1080p

Anyone knows if this is camera can be integrated to smarthings?
Also the track function on this camera (span and tilt) looks awesome, is there any other like this out there that can be integrated to smarthings?

I bought one of these when they were on sale for $15 and had to return it. All the instructions are in Chinese, but you can find a walk through online. I was never able to get it to connect it to the app it came with (which is also in chinese), every time I went through the setup process, the connection would time out about 89% in. This was also a big complaint online that I couldnt find a true answer that worked. I’m still looking for another option or cheaper camera to try out.

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Ok just got mine, took along time

I managed to set mine up through the xiaomi mi app
I was mindblown by the quality and options available in this camera, especially for the price
Theres so much: night vision, 1080, 360 tilt, pan, zoom, 2 way voice. Its ridicoulous how good it is

I am looking into the dafang RTSP hack, so if anyone got it to work with smarthings let us know

I had the same issue, i changed my location to mainland china, and it worked 0_0