Aqara temp humidity sensor display options?

Hello guys n girls

I use aqara temp/humidity sensors in my house, Pretty happy with Them except they show humidity instead of temperature in my smartthings home.
Im Aware i Can click on Them and see temperature and more details, but it would be Nice just to have the temperature as the default shown in the Home menu.
Is there a way to change that?

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Change to smartsense temp humity dth

That won’t work, these are nonstandard devices.

Use the anidea for aqara dth that orangebucket wrote.

SmartSense temp/humidity dth does work.

Really? Even with humidity?

Yep, and runs local.

From what I remember the temperature and humidity are handled in a ‘standard’ way. If that is all you want you are OK. I don’t know if the stock handlers can make any sense of battery level and I wouldn’t use the stock handler simply because I couldn’t bear to not support Atmospheric Pressure. It is not that I find it useful, but it is there.

I love the pressure measurement too.

Thanks for all replyes, awesome with Quick replies. Im pretty new at this stuff so apologies if i in future ask questions where i Should have been able to find the Answer via the search function. That a Challenge when i dont know the lingo yet :slight_smile: .

The smartsense type dth did not change from humidity to temp on the tile front.

Did some searching with help from your answers and Found orange buckets device handler for aqara.
Gives me what i was after it seems.

Thanks everybody