DH for Xiaomi temp and humidity

Hey. I’m new to ST and I added a Xiaomi temp\humidity sensor manually. I was able to pair it but no information is displayed. It just shows 0% for temp. What I’m I doing wrong?

Please check this discussion from earlier this week… :slight_smile:

I have tried using that DH you mentioned and have paired the xiaomi sensor but it still shows 0%. Does it take time to report the temp and humidity?

Temp sensors usually take a while until they report unless the temperature changes. So, either wait a bit or put it in the fridge for a minute :wink:

Did you get this working? Im considering buying 3-4 of them myself.

I have two that have been working without issues for a couple of months now.

Integrated directly with smartthings without any special bridge/hub between the sensor and ST?

I am in a similar situation, I bought the Original Xiaomi Temperature, not the Aqara one. So I am not sure which DTH to use.

Integrated directly. You can follow the links in my post above to the instructions on how to connect it to Smartthings and the DTH.