Xiaomi aqara sensors loosing connection

I would like to ask you for support in identifying a problem affecting my smart home … I have hub v2 and I have the following devices connected to smartthings:

  • hue bridge to which hue brand bulbs, motion sensors and remote controls are directly connected … the bridge is then connected to hub v2 for automations but the whole hue ecosystem passes through the hue bridge;
  • logitech harmony hub with its remote control;
  • alexa echo 10 "(with hub) + some 2nd gen dot
  • xiaomi aqara motion sensors;
  • xiaomi aqara door opening / closing sensors;
  • ikea tradfri dimmer commands.
    The above has been working perfectly for many months. I have annoying problems with aqara temperature sensors and aqara vibration sensors. Basically, if I pair them away from the v2 hub, they work for a 20/30 minute drive and then disconnect. If I reset and pair them near the v2 hub and then keep them within 20 / 30cm max from the hub, they work perfectly even for days. When I move them 1 meter or put them in other rooms (after pairing them with the second method) they disappear after a few minutes and no longer work until their next reset. Reading a little about the community (@MinerJason) it would seem an incompatibility problem with some Zigbee repeaters. Because the sensors in question have a very long activity time (about an hour) and some repeaters throw them out believing them to be offline. At the moment this is the only point that I have identified and I would like to ask you, in addition to an opinion on the matter, what could be the offending device so as to test it by temporarily deactivating it. In addition, I would like to know how to verify this bridge connection and possibly be able to bypass it on the software side, forcing the direct connection to the smartthings hub. It all seems very strange considering that the door sensors and aqara motion sensors work without missing a beat.

Lets start with this one - you can’t. The ZigBee protocol manages itself and you can not override it.

You are correct, this has been known for a long time in the community about the Xiaomi devices.
If you haven’t seen this thread @johnconstantelo posts a link to a good Hubitat article about this subject. (It applies) Xiaomi Devices dropping offline

Make no mistake about it - the incompatibility is with the Xiaomi devices - not your repeaters. If you decide to engineer around the issue (by changing repeaters) you will have to remember what you are doing to engineer around the Xiaomi limitations every single time you go to add a new device to your network. Personally, for me the cheap device isn’t worth years of headache. So I won’t use them.


Hey @nathancu, with the Smartthings motion sensors unavailable (assuming until this Aeotec deal happens), and this unreliable Xiaomi motion sensor, is there a decent alternative out there now? Which ones are you using? I was thinking about getting some to help with automations but I keep reading about these Xiaomi issues and want to steer clear.

I generally use Aeotec Multi 6 Gen 5, USUALLY USB powered off a PoE tap.

And BTW, Aeotec finally announced the US hub today

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did you find a solution then? I have problems with Aquara contact and motion sensor on channel 24. I tried to change channel but without good results. Advice? Another more performing channel?