Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor not reporting motion

I have a dozen or so Xiaomi Aqara motion sensors paired with ST and they have been working great for several months. Since yesterday out of nowhere, two of the sensors started acting up - coincidentally they both decided to report Lux and Battery only, not motion. So for they’ve been doing this for two days and replacing the battery didn’t help. I haven’t tried to delete/re-add them since I have numerous routines and webcore pistons linking to them and doing so would be a disaster. FYI the rest of the motion sensors are working fine.

Anyone has any idea? Would appreciate any input.

You can actually go through the pairing process without deleting the device first. The devices get recognised under their existing name and stay connected to the various automations. It might perhaps restore sanity, or as much sanity as the Aqara devices ever have.

Xiaomi…never ever ever… use Xiaomis in ST environment…
Just a waste of time. Buy something that really works even though you have to pay a little more… :money_mouth_face:

Thanks, did that (re-pairing) still doesn’t work. Guess will have to delete the sensor and re-add. It just baffles me that it’s not just one but two of the sensors started acting up at the exact same time - meaning it’s not one unit being defective but some sort of communication error between devices. Oh well.

I was able to “fix” the issue eventually by completely deleting the two problematic Xiaomi sensors (and sadly the automations as well) and re-add. I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen too often that I need to swap them all out for another brand, as the sensors work really well (when they’re working).