Xiaomi devices dropping off


I have a lot of Xiaomi door and motion sensors throughout the house. Recently a good number have dropped from the network after being stable for a while. I still did not manage to get them back stable.
Typically if I manage to reconnect eventually they will drop again very fast (minutes to one hour max).

Any ideas please?


Maybe batteries?

That’s expected as XM sensors are not using standard zigbee version that ST using. There’s nothing you can do except try to reconnected them and prey it works

Which device handlers are you using?

I am using my own DH, I do get events where I will lose a few sensors all at once.

I think there is just noise like neighbor wifi, baby camera, etc. causing it.

Thanks all for the feedback

Batteries seem OK and I have it with new devices too.

It looks like they are not coming back into the ‘mode’ where they will send an hourly check-in.
Is that a config that is sent in the DH and can it be related to DH ?
I did update them to newer ones, using a4refillpad DHs.


Glad I came across this starting my adventure off with HA. What are people’s thoughts on which MS are the best?

I am hsing the Xiaomi and the GE zwave plus. The latter is bigger but it has a large battery and can be powered witg microUSB.
One of my Xiaomi motion sensor dropped out recently and annot stay on for more than a day after reconnection. I ordered some batteries to tested it out but not arrive yet. I dont trust the battery level in the app.

The latest DHs on my github should have working battery reporting.