Xiaomi aqara loosing connection every couple hrs

I used a device Handler to pair to SmartThings Hub and I’m having the sensor drop off every 2 hours anybody have any fixes for this or any ideas how to fix it?

Have you done a search?
There are lots of threads about this issue that give various methods to try to keep there paired OK.
Personally I’ve never had any issues but I know others have.
The first question to ask I suppose is which/whose DTH are you using?

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I am using the most popular one i found…bspranger GitHub. I’m also using a connect home for a hub if that makes a difference.and the sensor is literally super close almost next to the hub.

The DTH seems like the one most people are using.
As for Connect Home, can’t really comment as I use the ST hub.
Anyone else using the Connect hub?

Did a search and this was top of the list.

It highly likely that you have a wifi and zigbee interference. They occupy the same radio space. JD posted a good link at the thread below. You will likely need to change the channel on your wifi. If your neighbor has a strong wifi on the wrong channel you may need to resort to the hub reset.

Thank for the info. I was using a connect home and heard that this was a problem with them. So I have already sold it and have a brand new hub v2 on the way. Since I didn’t really have too many devices set up I figured this was a good choice. (At least I hope it was) of I still have this problem I will try the above. Very useful information thanx a bunch!

I have both Connect Home and V2 hub running at home. most of the devices are only connected to the v2 hub only except for the Wemo devices that are on both. All my Xiaomi sensors are still working properly through the v2 hub. I also have one of the Connect Home sitting next to the v2 hub. I don’t see any interference problem in this setting. I am waiting for a new sensor from Xiaomi that I will test on the Connect Home.

They’re not compatible with Samsung home Pro you have to have Samsung hub version 2 they work very well with version 2 I’m using more than yes no connection drop no any problem

I just tried one Xiaomi temperature/humidity sensor with the Home Connect hub. It works fine. For all Xiaomi devices, it is recommended to keep it close to the hub until it has the battery level updated.

I am also having the same issue with the Xiaomi Aqara zigbee (square one with rounded corners) losing connection every few hours. I’m Also running the “bspranger : Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor” DH. I’ve replaced the battery, the sensor is brand new and shows its keeps showing unavailable. Mine will stay disconnected until I have deleted the device then pair it again, It automatically re-assigns the DH. Probably done this a dozen times and even left setting on top the hub until the battery % shows up.

I also have 14 other devices that are ZigBee with no issues. My hub shows that my zigbee is on Ch:24 and My 2.4ghz part of my wifi is set to auto which shows “Auto ( 1(P )+5(S)”

I repaired it at 9:13pm and the last thing it read was at 10:03pm. Here are the logs, seems like its sending a lot more info than any other sensor when I am looking at all the logs.

b122ed7f-2665-497f-8945-ae2cf134831c ‎10‎:‎03‎:‎08‎ ‎PM: debug Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor: Parse returned [name:pressure, value:985.1, unit:mbar, isStateChange:true, descriptionText:Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor Pressure is 985.1 mbar]

b122ed7f-2665-497f-8945-ae2cf134831c ‎10‎:‎03‎:‎08‎ ‎PM: debug Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor: Parsing description: read attr - raw: 67950104031C000029D903140028FF1000297B26, dni: 6795, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0403, size: 1C, attrId: 0000, encoding: 29, value: 267b290010ff28001403d9

b122ed7f-2665-497f-8945-ae2cf134831c ‎10‎:‎03‎:‎08‎ ‎PM: debug Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor: Parse returned [name:humidity, value:31, unit:%]

b122ed7f-2665-497f-8945-ae2cf134831c ‎10‎:‎03‎:‎08‎ ‎PM: debug Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor: Parsing description: humidity: 31.37%

b122ed7f-2665-497f-8945-ae2cf134831c ‎10‎:‎03‎:‎08‎ ‎PM: debug Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor: Parse returned [name:temperature, value:66.8, unit:F, descriptionText:Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor temperature is 66.8°F, translatable:true]

b122ed7f-2665-497f-8945-ae2cf134831c ‎9‎:‎14‎:‎20‎ ‎PM: debug Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor: Configured health checkInterval when installed()

b122ed7f-2665-497f-8945-ae2cf134831c ‎9‎:‎14‎:‎20‎ ‎PM: debug Xiaomi Aqara Temp Sensor: Setting Battery Changed to current date for newly paired sensor

Well I deleted the DH , replaced the battery and re-pair it as a “thing”. It still became unresponsive after a few hours. Im calling it a bad sensor.

The Xiaomi/Aqara sensors use a non-standard zigbee protocol, where the time between check-ins is longer than most. For a lot of zigbee repeaters, the time is just longer than the threshold, so the devices get dropped from the network when they don’t check in “on time”. If you pair using the catchall method and put a value in the Zigbee ID, then the hub has no way of re-pairing with the sensor after it gets dropped.

I have a lot of Xiaomi/Aqara sensors, and have never had any issues with them dropping, but I’ve managed to pair all of them in such a way that the Zigbee ID is known to the hub, and the only Zigbee repeaters I have are Ikea Tradfri products which are configured to allow the long time between check-ins.

Xiaomi/Aqara devices enter “test mode” for the first couple hours after pairing, where they send data every 3-5 seconds rather than on events or at regular ~1hr check ins. I am in the habit of pairing any battery operated sensors in close proximity to the hub, and leaving them very close to the hub for a few hours after pairing to ensure proper communication and connection after the test mode ends.

My guess is that your sensor is connected to a repeater that doesn’t like the long time between check-ins, and is happy with the sensor while it’s in test mode, but drops it from the network after that.

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Its been sitting on the actual ST hub… I will give it one more shot tonight. I will pull the batteries/ unplug every that is ZigBee and let it run thru the night with the DH to see if that fixes it. It never showed up in the logs when it was listed as a “thing” but I would assume its sending something. I took a lot of the logs out of my post because how long it was.

Does every ZigBee device have a built in repeater?

Typically mains powered devices act as repeaters, and battery powered devices do not. Certain brands/models of light bulbs are known to be problematic when acting as repeaters.

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Seems you were correct. I unplugged all of my ZigBee devices. I paired the Xiaomi temp/ humidity sensor. I waited for the data to slow down and the battery % to show up and then plugged all the ZigBee devices back in. Its been working for 16 hours now!!! :+1:

I would assume this would help @Anthony_Cafazzo as well.