Xfinity 3400 Keypad Question

Want to catch when the device goes to “EXITDELAY” but am unable to figure out how. Tried testing $status with WebCoRE but it did not work. I’m using the miriad/Centralite-Keypad device handler.

Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment I decided to put this on hold and attempt to get the User Lock Manager built in function to work for me.

I’ve deprecated my Core pistions replacing them with my SmartApp SHM Delay

My Xfinity 3400 Keypad is now operating as desired with entry delay and exit delay tones, so I thought I would share what I’m doing, perhaps this information will help someone. Also a big Thank You to everyone for the Device Handlers and SmartApps that made this possible.

The amount of information, varying advice, possible methods of operation, number of available drivers, difficulty using this forum’s software, and understanding how Smartthings operates, made this project a challenge. Feel free to post your solutions.

Primary Goal: Run in Local mode on the Hub. This is not possible because the device drivers and SmartApps needed to control the device all operate in the “cloud” aka the Samsung server, and SmartHome does not have an Entry Delay, although I am using SmartHome

Additional Modules/Things Used
Simulated Contact Sensor: Monitored by Smarthome
GoControl Siren: krlaframboise : GoControl Multifunction Siren
SmartHome: monitors Simulated Contact Sensor and all other sensors, not Front Door
Device Driver: Mitch Ponds miriad Centralite-Keypad original version not from post 752
Keypad Manager: E Thayer ethayer/lock-manager
CoRE: Two Pistons

  1. If Front Door sensor contact changes to Open (Restriction Armed/Stay or Armed/Away)
    *Using Simulated Contact Sensor
    –>Close (If it is open here SmartHome does not issue an Alarm on this sensor)
    –>Wait 30 seconds
    –>Wait 10 seconds
    *Using Xfinity 3400-X Keypad
    *Using GoControl Siren
    –>Wait 2 seconds (optional but allows for people to get inside to fully hear the siren beep)
    –>Beep (set for 1/4 second in Device Handler)

  2. Check if Front Door Sensor is open when system is Armed. It is no longer monitored by SmartHome
    Trigger happens every 1 minutes AND
    FrontDoor Sensor contact was open for at least 1 minute
    Restriction: execute only in Armed/Stay or Armed/Away
    –>Send SMS message (or notification)

Wish List
I’ve tried to get the Keypad to light on the Entry Delay: I can get the Network icon to blink, but lose the entry tone; or get the tone, but lose the blink. The first command issued is always lost…

I am able to get this to work all except 1 thing. I am getting zero or more optional kepyads: sounds entry delay tone. I would like to get the beeps letting the person know to disarm the alarm.

I’m no longer using (Web)Core for this function. Please take a look my SmartApp SHM Delay. It also contains a guide to getting the exit and entry keypad tones.