Can an Iris/Xfinity/Centralite keypad be lit up using a command

What I want to do it light up the keypad when a related contact sensor defined in SHM Delay opens, but there is no command for this defined in the DTH. The keypad currently beeps an entry delay tone in this situation from a software command, however also lighting the keypad would really helpful for me and probably others.

Currently these keypads turn on their lights when the device senses motion, but that is hardware controlled, and does not rely upon a command from the hub.

Does anyone know the zigbee command(s) or any other method that will do this?

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It depends on the model. Some support it, others only support specific colors while other have it linked to the mode (away, night etc). Why not just beep it instead of lighting it up?

When I walk into my house at night the keypad’s outline is easy to see, it’s beeping with the entry delay tones, but I have to wave my hand over the thing to get the number buttons to light up so I can correctly enter my pin.

I want to light the keypad’s keys (not the status lights) with a command similar to generating the entry delay tone.

I’m only interested in keypads manufactured by Centralite which includes the Iris and Xfinity.