XBoxOne Integration with SmartThings

Ok, I know this is not a simple task. BUT, has there been any thought to a SmartApp or integration with home entertainment systems such as XBoxOne or PS4?
As for XBoxOne:

  1. XboxOne can currently control TV through OneGuide, but if we could use the voice command to control things in SmartThings as well, then we have voice control over the house (at least in range of the XboxOne).
  2. (Potential security issue here but maybe there is a way to secure it) The Kinect sensor could also act as live video feed to the living room, plus offer certain control of the house from gesture recognition.

I know they have been falling behind Sony due to the price point, but an integration with SmartThings and XboxOne would tip the scales and help fully integrate the home experience.

It may be wrong to suggest this developer friendly SmartThings work with Software Giant Microsoft but Microsoft has been leaning toward growing its external development community lately as well.


@megapixel you have insight into this?

This really bolsters the case for a Windows 8/Phone app.

This would be awesome

I have working IR codes for controlling the Xbone…

As for an API, nothing exists that I’m aware for 3rd parties to use. The SmartGlass app uses Microsoft’s authentication to connect to the Xbone.

From there, then you can remotely control your Xbone.

With something to send IR commands it could be done, but without any kind of media / remote device types it becomes really tricky to do anything fancy.

The funniest and maybe easiest is to use recorded statements or the Sonos texttospeach options to turn on/off go to apps, etc.

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I started on a solution that doesn’t require IR blasting. The Xbox One gets powered on via a special socket packet constructed from the Xbox’s Live Device ID. There are several examples out there on how to do that. I based mine off of xbox-on available on npm.

So right now my device just pings a simple node server (running on a Raspberry Pi) which makes the socket request to the Xbox (given the limitations on ST’s ability to use sockets). I’m investigating whether I can use the solution described here for sending the packet directly from ST without needing the node server as a bridge:

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did you have any chance to go further ?
I mean a solution to control Xbox one without a middleware-computer ?
direct sendhubcommand from ST to Xbox one ?