Smartthings Xbox app

Will never happen but
If Smartthings developers ever get bored I would really appreciate a way of seeing notifications on my Tv

I already have a device that overlays info onto the tv screen… xbox1 , so it would be very usefull to have an ST xb1 app that allowed me to sign in and display on screen in a modern pop up box ST information.

Never happen I know but it would make use of my pointless xb1 and the stuck on a small screen ST Info output

The criteria MUST be, NO control just ST activity
Configuration is key with 2 main elements
On screen constant / On screen notification
The notifications must NOT be annoying but subtle
Notifications must be elegant not jarring
Sounds must also be incorporated for visually impaired
Perhaps use Cortana and its notifications as that is already multi platform with Notification output

I know MS will pay top dollar to bigger platforms for incorporating there ideas and apps, perhaps St need to approach MS and see if they are willing to pay and lend a developer or 2 in the development, currently M/s are NOT in the home automation game at all and as usual appear to be blind in the field, the Xboxs fail to be part of the all in one home automation device past current and probably future, this would most certainly make the xbox a usefull device

The reason I wrote the above is that I tried to add an ST notification into IFTTT using the smartthings IFTTT and Cortana … I hopped there would be a way of getting Cortana to pop a message on screen, I guess not surprisingly M/s have no IFTTT Cortana option but it seemed the obvious way, a little non elegant but worth a shot

I second a xbox1 app :slight_smile:

If a Windows 10 app comes along with it then I third it

Hi yeah me too :slight_smile:
What’s that thing you have to make a overlay on your TV?

?? you mean the stupid pointless Xbox1… because it serves as an in between device it happily overlays info onto the screen over whatever is plugged into it… in my case the robbing bas@@@ds are known as Sky but it is irrelevant what is plugged in, the Xbox will happily overlay info

Ah I’m with you use the other hdmi for your sky so you have your Xbox turned in all the time?
I tried that but didn’t fancy my Xbox on all day when not really using it.
I’ve got a smart android TV and I remember reading about installing a app that would overlay notifications simar to what happens with the Xbox but can’t remember it lol

@fido check out the home remote it works on windows 10 and xbox one. I personally use it on my xbox one and I highly recommend it

Used to be able to do all that if you had a Samsung TV and WebCore. But then the Hub stopped seeing our TVs :frowning:

Home remote looks like it was meant to be used in 1995… it is a horrible Ui, the idea and techical back end work well but to look at and use its a insult to the eyes… plus it does more than i would want. St works well on a smaller screen, phones,tablets but the output needs to be viewed in SOME circumstances, that is where ST fails as phones and tablets are less likely to be in your face in an evening when you are generally using home automation

Plus if the non existant xb1 app was simply notifications this is more Technicaly doable than 2 way communication control

10p apart from not switching on in the morning after being off for a while overnight my Samy Tv plays happily in st, connect and amazon echo

Had a slight bit of hope today in accomplishing xb1 st notifications… Cortana has the ability to now connect to a gmail account. I had hopped again that Cortana would throw a note on screen if an email was received from the gmail account so i set up a IFTTT app to send an email to gmail if an ST event occured which it does… not surprisingly … here in the Uk Cortana does not throw indications on the Tv screen from xb1 if it recieves email… the Uk usually gets crippled versions of Google and Cortana so maybe it will work in the US but at the moment, here… zipo

Well I used to be able to do loads, but the firmware update broke things.
Now t he ST Hub doesn’t see the tv.

Yeah i seen your posts 10p. I cant even throw any ideas at your issues as i am sure you have looked at every part of the setup

I don’t know if it works in the UK but I had some success using joaoapps Join app to get Android notifications on the Xbox one. There is a Join app for the xbox. It worked intermittently for me. But that was a few months ago and it has probably been updated and improved since then.

Who is 10p ??