Xbox One integration


Does anyone know if the Xbox One is on the Smartthings roadmap? I see lots of conversions from 2014 but not this year. It seems like a good integration when you play netflix, Amazon or DVD that the lights set correctly in the room you are watching.
Any news here?


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I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. From what I can tell these game systems are pretty closed when it comes to third parties adding apps to control things outside of the console. To do what you want you could probably do the same thing using Amazon echo, virtual switches, harmony home control, and IFTTT. (I think there’s a post floating around about how to do this). It’s not the most elegant of configurations, but it will allow Amazon echo to control all of your apps on Xbox one and your home devices.

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I had hoped that Microsoft would allow Windows 10 apps to send notifications outside to allow integration into IoT as Microsoft does not play in this space.
Interesting as Microsoft said it “wanted to be the hub of the house” with HomeOS (wanted to be the hub of the house) but has done nothing to make this happen.
Seems like only Smartthings is actually making this happen MS and Nest have stalled.

So an update coming to all in November will bring a Windows 10 backend to the console for apps (and it also brings new things like a brand new interface, and Cortana support). With that, Microsoft has claimed that they will further open up Xbox app submissions. I don’t think they’ve announced how open that will be yet though, they’re probably still figuring out how to proceed from the heavily curated process they have now. I suspect that a home automation app would be something they would definitely let in though.

However, Windows 10 apps are pretty heavily sandboxed. I’m not sure it would be possible for a hypothetical SmartThings Xbox app to know that media is playing in another app in order to control the lights that way.


Well that’s promising I guess. It would be nice if they offered a way to launch and control the apps using IP controls, then integrating it with SmartThings would be easy with a custom smart app.

Hmmmm… Maybe they’ll allow a way to run a client on a windows host which would then act as bridge to SmartThings.

I was thinking of using an Zwave metering switch for some basic hijinks. Pretty easy to tell when that thing is sucking down juice.

I have an XB1 and ST, so I’ve been looking into the same thing. I think at this point the best way to get what you want is a Hamony Home remote. It’s not as automated as you want, and I don’t think IFTTT has any recipes that work specifically with Harmony + lights, but the remote can access lights…albeit manually.

Thanks I will check back on this in December :slight_smile:

Anyone seen this? Appears that a driver could be written in a quick glance. Wish I didn’t have a day job, or didn’t need to sleep.

Xbox Console Codeplex

It does look like that at a minimum, you should be able to set up some REST endpoints. But you would probably have to have the app actively running. The second you start watching Netflix or playing a game it would put the process to sleep

So I’ve played with this concept a lot. What I got working, but with huge limitations was an authentication with and then could send commands to the xbox.

However, it isn’t easy, exposes your credentials to to ST cloud and doesn’t support 2 stage authentication (which was a show stopper for me).

Ultimately, the Xbox one NPE (windows 10) might expose some more ways to do this. But the easiest solution is an IR control (cough, wait, no IR control in ST) via something that can do IR.

Is it done yet? The new Windows 10 interface has been out for a few days now… :smiley:


Unfortunately, nothing new. IR is still the best way to go unless you want to expose your creds to the ST cloud.

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Along your using ir concept, I have been toying with the Anyhome ir blaster to control an Xbox One. The setup is a Virtual switch read by Sharptools in Tasker which uses the Anymotes plugin to send a command to the xbox. As long as the Anymote device is properly aligned it works well.

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If only Neeo was released from kickstarter, I wouldn’t have this problem… Ugh. The blessing and curse of a kickstarter…

Has anyone tried anything new with this? I’ve been playing around with the possibility of powering on and off the console, as well as getting console state (on/off) from a SmartThings device handler, but haven’t had much luck. I tried packet sniffing to see what the console sends from the Xbox Widows apps when it connects and turns on/off for game streaming, then send something similar using physicalgraph.device.HubAction HTTPGet, but haven’t been able to re-create the results. The code here can supposedly accomplish this with the device IP and Live ID, but I haven’t been able to get it converted from Python to Groovy.

Anyone have thoughts or would be able to assist?

I use a harmony hub as a go-between. Allows on/off & status via smartthings for all my activities. I needed the harmony to control my entertainment center anyway, the incorporation into ST was a bonus.

It appears 24 days ago PAUL BECKETT has gotten XB1 to control ST.
Here is a link to the thread.

Did you menage to get this done? Can you share your results. I was planning to do the same as you. Have you been able to reverse engineer the SmartGlass protocol ?

I’ve started on a solution that doesn’t require IR blasting:

There are several limitations currently:

  1. For now, it does require using a computer as a “bridge” because ST doesn’t have a proper sockets API. You run a very lightweight server on any computer on your network (I’m using a Raspberry Pi that was already in use for other HA stuff) and it powers on the Xbox when it gets requests from ST.

  2. It can only turn it on, not off. :slight_smile:

  3. It does not (yet) indicate the actual power state of the device. So if you power it on/off manually, it’s not reflected in SmartThings.

But so far I have this as a part of a “TV” routine that dims the lights, sets some RGB cabinet lighting to a soft amber color, turns on the fireplace if its cold, and powers on the Xbox (which then turns on the TV and sound system). Pretty excited!

This is my first SmartThings device, so let me know if you have issues. I’m going to attempt to get rid of the need for the “bridge” (fingers crossed, might not be possible) and add power state polling to the device to keep its state in sync with the Xbox.

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