Control your SmartThings from Xbox One (using The Home Remote)

Hi All

I’ve been waiting for a solution that will allow me to control my SmartThings-centric smart home from Xbox One and now I have found one… and I’m loving it!!!

I found “The Home Remote” in the Windows 10 App Store (on Xbox One) and after following some pretty simple steps I now have a view of all my devices, can run my SmartThings “Routines” and even unlock my doors… all from my Xbox One!!!

I’m loving it!!!

Here is a link to their website:

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Looks good, just can’t envision a purpose for this. Wouldnt a phone, tablet, echo be more convenient?

We use the Xbox One as our main “home entertainment” hub because it controls cable /satellite TV via a HDMI pass through and also has an arial TV Tuner (low cost add-on). Furthermore it has all the main streaming (for us that is Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer and Now TV)… so we have one in our living/sitting room and one in our bedroom. If the TVs on for TV or streaming then the Xbox is on!

This makes the Xbox One the perfect smart home hub (as well as home entertainment hub) when in front of the TV as the remote is always near by and activities like unlocking doors or running routines are pretty easy/convenient!

I’d say th most convieneient method of control is Amazon Echo, which we now have scattered around the house, but having the visual UI handy is nice… particularly for temperatures and battery % (see pics).

I don’t think the Xbox One replaces an Echo or an iPhone, but it supplements… and the combined devices make for ultimate smart home convenience!


Awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience. I also use the Xbox One as my media hub. Therefore I love to hear of any added features. I may give it a try. Im in the early stages of getting my smartthings system implemented.

Thanks for mentioning this app, I was looking for something that would also give me control from my PC/tablet.

I just wish it synced its data between devices so I didn’t have to manually set it up on my phone again.

I’ve been using this app for a while, and really like that it’s UWP.

The only thing that it is missing (as well as the SmartThings app) is the ability to “deep pin” individual devices to your homescreen. My dev friends inform me that this is a very easy functionality to implement, so please let the folks doing the Home Remote app that you would like to see this. (if you agree)