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WyzeCam interesting

I’ve updated the outdoor mounting kit for the Wyze V2 cameras.
Please take a look here:

Thank you


It’s my birthday this week, so I thought I’d have a sale for my ST friends!

And now that RTSP beta is available… get more cameras… and 3d printed mounts :smiley:


Now’s the time to get the mounts… they’re on sale!

Time is running out to save 15%. Get your outdoor mounts now!

Today is the last day of the sale. Get your camera mounts and Iris motion sensor mounts while they lasts!

My Wyze Sense starter kit came today. I can’t believe how small these sensors are.


I just saw a post by the moderator in th Wyze forum that IFTTT will work for the sensors on Friday! Then we can connect them to Smartthings.
I got mine today and yes, per the pic above they are super tiny.
They have a little bit of a lag (~1sec) changing status in the Wyze app but for this size and the price i am not complaining!


What I found interesting is that there are no ‘pull tabs’ for the batteries. So, will these things eat their batteries while sitting on the shelf? Or, do they need to be paired before they start draining their batteries? I also found it interesting that now where are there any instruction for how to replace the batteries. I did find a FAQ that mentions the type of batteries that are used though.

They are tiny, and the price was excellent at about $7 per sensor. I wonder how much they will go for normally?

I am hoping they provide a full integration with Alexa to allow the motion and contact sensors to trigger Alexa Routines. That will provide a quicker and more reliable (IMHO) way of integrating these with SmartThings and Hubitat.

Has anyone seen how the sensors communicate with cameras? Mesh? Guessing WiFi or maybe the camera radio chip has Bluetooth?

Google to the rescue…

I dont remember (forgot) hearing there is a mini sensor bridge that plugs into camera. They are using their own wireless protocol from bridge to sensors.

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The IFTTT skill is now live with Sense devices showing up as triggers. Still too damn slow to use for triggering SmartThings lights. I’m seeing ~ 3 seconds lag.

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The thing that plugs into the camera is the bridge that the sensors connect to. I remember seeing in a Wyze promo video that the sensors use a proprietary protocol.

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It took me a while to find out how these work… but my starter set came with stickers for the door sensors. Maybe I will use them for the kids rooms…


Now they’ve enabled RTSP, I’ve got my 4 Wyze v2 cameras streaming into Netcam Studio, so life is good.

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Wait… what? When? Tell me more!


Here’s my experience with the firmware update. Slots nicely into ActionTiles.


Holy Cow! That’s Awesome!

Question - Does that mean the cameras will be eating into my wireless network, and thus slowing down the Wifi access? Or does it only do that when I’m actively monitoring them?

Well, if you have an NVR recording or monitoring, it will increase your local traffic, yes.

Wyze support is now available in Google Home Assistant