Wyze can $20 at Amazon (December 15, 2019) limited time deal


Looks like it expired. Just checked and was at $24.49.

I would not be surprised if it didn’t go through another lightening deal on Amazon before christmas

I was thinking for $20 it might be fun to play with.

well, dec 8th and 15th so stay tuned next sunday the 22nd

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If you add it to one of your Amazon lists you will get a notification if it comes up on sale. I literally do this with everything I want to buy, and I have several lists - including a smart home list and separate lists for each person I need to buy gifts for. Easy way to keep track of gift ideas throughout the year and get alerted to when things go on sale. :slight_smile:

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at $25 it’s fun to play with. LOL

I have 3 of these at my house, and one of the Pan cams. They are a great backup for the FAILED Alro Smartthings integration (7cams). (which hasn’t seem to ever work very well) I put the pan cam in a plastic jar and under the eves, and it works great, so far. I like them so much I put 2 at mom’s, 91 yrs young, so i could keep an eye on her.


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