Wyze cam $20 at Amazon (December 22, 2019) limited time deal

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Told ya to watch for the lower deal today

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Thanks @jkp, I forgot to look. I just ordered one to mess around with.

Oh no… I ordered another one. And I REALLY don’t need it!

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If someone still wants one for $20 you can order directly from Wyze and get the $19.99 price. :smiley:

I believe they’ve always been $19.99 directly from Wyze, but they also charge $6 for shipping one camera, $9 for shipping two of them, etc. The Amazon prices include free shipping.


Makes sense. I didn’t try and purchase one. I incorrectly assumed everyone had free shipping in the Amazon age. :grin:

And these are compatible with Smartthings? How? Sorry, I’m new to this world. Anyone using this outside? May try to use them in my porch, where they can’t be damaged with rain for instance.

They are not officially supported. There are some workarounds though. E.g, turn them on/off via IFTTT or install an alternative firmware and integrate as a generic camera.
I have not used mine outdoors but there are many reports of people doing so with 3rd party cases.

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I use three of these outside without any sort of case, but they’re all underneath porches and well protected from the elements. As mentioned, there’s no official integration with SmartThings, but there are third party ways to get some control with SmartThings, like IFTTT and Tasker/Sharptools. I can also stream them to wall mounted tablets running ActionTiles, or view the streams on Echo spots/shows.

So, if they detect motion, it is possible to get a notification via Smartthings, or set an alarm on?

IFTTT supports motion, sound, smoke alarm sound and co alarm sound as a trigger from Wyze cameras.

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