WyzeCam interesting

I received my Wyze cam yesterday and setup was less then a minute. It is awesome for the price, especially because it includes infrared vision.

Unfortunately there is no way to activate/deactivate it and you can only view it via the Wyze app at this time (i have not done any mods yet.

Maybe I will just plug it into a smart outlet for now and have the outlet turn it on as soon as the SHM is armed…


I received mine today, for $20 it does everything I would expect a $20 HD WIFI camera to do. I am very curious about the fang-hacks and if they would work on this model of the camera. Let me know if you learn anything. I may try it out this weekend and see if I can unlock RSTP on this thing.

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so you can’t view the SD recordings with their app? quite cumbersome having to remove the SD just to view footage, that’s a dealbreaker

That’s how it was for the ismart alarm branded version of this camera. I haven’t gotten my waste camera yet

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I picked up a couple of these. You can view the SD recordings from the app. Although I can’t seem to figure out how to go to a particular time easily.

I think the video is ok. Night vision worthless. I have one in the garage and It shows nothing but blackness at night. I tried the various settings for night vision and nothing really worked.

But for $20 I guess I can’t expect too much.

Thats not good to hear, I’m still waiting for mine to ship. Im tempted to pick up another iSmartAlarm version of this camera as its %50 off right now ($50), I have one now and the night vision is great. https://www.ismartalarm.com/devices/cameras/spot/isa00013.html

When I look in my router at the connections of the cameras, one of them shows up as an ISmartAlarm. The other one shows up as Tianjin Henxinhuifeng Technology. And the one in the garage is the Tianjin one.

The one that shows up as ISmartAlarm is in my kitchen and there is always some light even if it is dim and that one seems to look ok at night. So I’m wondering what the difference is between the 2. They both have the same firmware. I may move them around and see if there is a difference.

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I tried both cameras in the garage. Both the same. Virtually no night vision.

Did you try using an IR illuminator?

I had issues even with my Foscams earlier and I grabbed a 96 LED IR illuminator from Amazon (I think it was like $30) and it made all the difference.

Anybody else seeing that the time on the camera didn’t change with the time change?

I can’t find a setting for this.

I just installed two of these earlier this week: one in the kitchen, and one in the garage without any outside light. They both work really well!

Things that suck:

  • The audio is terrible. It’s delayed, and it’s hard to hear anything very useful form it. And the speaker audio on the two-way is terrible. And the interface for using the two-way audio is terrible. So yea, basically everything about the audio is terrible Don’t get this if the audio is really important.
  • Scrolling through the continuous recordings. It’s awkward, and there’s no way to jump to a timestamp. It works, but it’s awkward.
  • Notification flexibility. The notifications themselves work fine, but the flexibility is limited. The “sensitivity” setting seems to do nothing, and there’s no way to define motion zones.

Things that are great for a $30 camera:

  • 1080 video. It actually looks pretty good. I can reliably identify people’s faces at 15’ in good lighting. I tested this by having a laptop slideshow of Google Images results for celebrities, while I viewed only through the camera. I could reliably identify the celeb from 15’+.
  • Night vision. It’s IR illuminated OK but not great, and I can make out my wife’s face clearly, including facial expressions, at 8’+. It’s definitely no where near as good as the well-lit quality, but it’s still useful for seeing if there are people, animals, or things in sight.
  • Continuous recording. I plugged in 32gb SD Cards into both, and the continuous recording just works. I can view it all in the app. I’ll get about 5-6 days trailing on my garage cam (mostly in night mode, so less to record) and 3-4 days on my kitchen cam.

There’s a lot Wyze can do to improve this, though thankfully most of it is software. They need some scheduling on their notifications (or allow it to be tied into ST, so Mode-based!), they need to consider opening the stream for local use (again, into ST!), there’s some general and minor usability issues in the app, and the audio delays/sync need improvement.

My verdict: money well spent for my purposes!


Ditto everything you just said.

Thanks for the detailed review. Mine are coming in tomorrow. Anyone have success pairing with smartthings so they can be triggered with motion sensors or actiontiles?

I have 2 of these. One of them keeps disconnecting from my wifi on a daily basis. I have to unplug and plug back in to get it back up.

Neither one of them has very good night vision. Just a little bit of light and it pretty much knocks out the night vision. The one in my garage is useless at night. Apparently there is enuf light coming from the windows on the garage door to make it useless. All it shows is a dark garage. I can toggle the night vision on/off but it makes no difference. I have tried both of them in the garage and the same result.

For the price, I guess they are ok. But I wouldn’t pay any more for them.

These do NOT integrate with ST yet, but in some Reddit AMA and other places, they’ve hinted at a road map that could include some integrations. Take that for what it’s worth-- which is nothing actionable.

Personally, I want ST to be able to change the notification settings on the WyzeCam. I don’t want WyzeCam notifications for motion when I’m at home, but when I’m away I do want it to notify on motion again. Currently, notifications is a toggle in the app settings on each cam, which is inconvenient.

Bummer to hear that. My Kitchen cam seems to work OK with mixed light. My garage is completely enclosed, and that Garage cam works pretty well in total darkness-- at least up to about 10 feet. But I totally agree, these are not a premium camera.

An option for you might be to install IR lights in the space? There’s a version on the LiFX that can do that. That would preserve the darkness to human eyes, but it would be a strong illuminator for the camera.

Here is the discussion on the reddit forum, in which they discuss integration with Smart Home tech…

Camera aside, it would be great to leverage a device at this price point as an audio/motion sensor for triggering other ST actions/capabilities with video feed as a nice bonus.

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That is what I did. The boot time is under a minute and I find that rebooting it helps with some of the software issues. Hopefully they will correct all of the software issues and add features like geofencing. Works pretty well but I had to add black electrical tape to the front off it to prevent the glare from the window that it was setup to look out of. Capable little camera on par with the inexpensive Yi cameras with inferior software. The speaker and night vision is pretty poor also but the microphone works pretty well.