Garage door sensor - what's everyone here using?

Just using the samsung multi purpose sensor. have it stuck to the top of the garage door. when it goes up it sets open and when it goes down it changes to closed. using classic smartthings app. it asks is this a garage door. you say yes and it does the rest for the device type. simple and cheap. the are $17 today on amazon


Hi @xmfan,

I use something similar.


I am using a standard go control sensor mounted to the top of the garage and the door frame

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I use the EcoLink Zwave Tilt Sensor mentioned by JDRoberts above.

I am using the v3 multi sensor and I guess the NEW Smartthings app so the instruction I was directed to by Smartthings ( could not be followed, this ability is one of the main reason I bought this system and need to know what I need to do to get this working.

Thank you for your assistance.

I recommend to look at my post above.

That is one way but if using the Classic app it just works with the setting option, I just do not see any setting options in the NEW app.

Just starting out, should I use the Classic app instead of the NEW app?

yes, it is recommended that you use the Classic app at this point.


Thanks for setting that straight, both are about the same to use for a novice it seems. Once you get into it Classic seems the way to go. Can you link me a starting point to learn more about SmartApps and how to add in some user created stuff (hoping to get some wyze intergration of some kind or some other cheap camera)

good thread on the wyze cam

there is a faq page on installing smartapps @JDRoberts can probably provide the link before I find it :slight_smile: I am falling asleep after driving all day

Thanks I will check into that - quick question about devices I have a device named Thing that uses the uses the same icon as the Phillip Hue hub but I can not connect to it, can not delete it, and have no clue when it was installed or for what purpose. I was setting up sensors today might it be something that I added by mistake or is it a link to the Classic app or my last guess might it be the remote light switch that came with my phillips hue? Kinda worried that a new device is there without me intending to add it.

You help for this novice is greatly appreciated

login to IDE at click on My Devices and locate that Thing and click on the name, see if it may offer more details there. Then edit the device and select the appropriate device handler for it.

Also look in the Classic app, I bet you will be able to open it there.

That icon in my STSC is used for hue bridges, logitech harmony hub, a somfy controller and all my weather related items

did you connect it to the hue bridge or directly to the ST hub? if you connected it to the hue bridge, ST would not see it.

I went into that page you said and clicked edit and it should it as a 2015 Samsung Smart TV so I deleted it lol, I guess I will find out if i was wrong soon enough.

Thanks for the great information.

(As far as I know i have not setup the lightswitch that came in the kit yet, have yet to decide how I want to use it, not sure if it can be something I use with Smartthings instead of Hue to control something, would you happen to know?)

I have mine connected to the hue bridge but there are some users who connect it to their ST hub with a custom device handler. I’d suggest searching/researching more on it in the forums

Thanks will do!

I have chamberlain garage door opener, I need a sensor. Any thoughts?
I saw people recommending this
amazon says the one below is a newer version
how about this one


Get the zwave plus unit. Longer range longer battery life. Plus its less expensive.

I have been using normal “Door Sensor” on Garage door, which tells me when its Opened or Closed. Wanted to avoid using Tilt sensor.

Here is the demo video I have made demonstrating it on how/where to install door sensor :