WTB: Aeotec Minimotes

Due to WAF I really need to duplicate my current setup; but I really can’t find any other remote in the same class. Need 1, would like 2 or 3 and I don’t mind replacing the battery.

Hi @whstrain, I’m not quite ready to give up mine yet, but probably in the next 2-3 months. I’m waiting for a zigbee device that’s similar to the minimote to show up and test, as well as pass the WAF test :wink: If all goes well I may have 4 or 5 available. I’ll bookmark your post to remember to follow up w/you.

Thanks John, in the mean time could you point me toward the Zigbee device you are referencing? Maybe I missed it.

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IKEA’s device is what interests us the most. We saw one in Charlotte’s store, and my wife really liked it, even though it didn’t have numbers.

I’m also going to poke around with EcoSmart’s remote, once the bulb/remote combo gets back in stock around here.

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Our house has a smorgasbord remotes. Minimotes, Ikea 5 button, Ikea dimmer (hockey puck) and ecosmart. All have pluses and minuses. I do really like the Ikea 5 button. They would be perfect is smartthings had a Standard +/- dim and color temperature action. But that can be done with Webcore.

I do have a stash of spare Minimotes. I think they were store returns I picked up from somewhere. The two I used were in perfect shape. I could let two of them go probably. How about $15 shipped? PM me if you’e interested.

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I may be able to scrounge up 1 or 2 spares as well, if the above reply doesn’t pan out. Lemme know.

I’m also interested in picking up another minimote for the wife’s side of the bed.

I have what I need coming in the mail. @paulmike3 and @SJ1, you should link up.