FS: Aeon Minimotes (qty 4) with spare batteries


I am selling a set of 4 Aeon Minimotes in good working condition. These are the version with the numbered buttons.

When I bought these, one wouldn’t hold a charge. I was able to find a set of 5 replacement batteries on eBay, swapped the bad one out successfully. There’s still 4 spare batteries left that I haven’t used, will include these with the sale.

Looking to get $75 shipped OBO for the set of 4.

@destructure00, that picture is gigantic if someone clicks on it to see more detail. You might want to shrink it down a bit.

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Those are huge!!! Bigger than my Samsung tv remote!!! Just kidding. Couldn’t resist.

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Most people complain when the pics aren’t detailed enough :rofl::yum:


Open to offers…

Still available. Make an offer!

Price dropped…still open to offers.