Writing a PC-desktop Application to control my SmartThings-based home

(Petar Dozet) #1

Before I start reading the extensive documentation, I wonder if it is doable to write a PC application that would access either/or/and smartThings cloud/router/both to access the list of my paired devices and control them from my PC.

Please, somebody who is already knowledgeable, respond and advise!?

Thank you muchly!!!


(jkp) #2

(Petar Dozet) #3

Thanks for the extremely quick response (if made by human).
Yes, something like this, just improved with both graphical design and much richer set of IFTTT features.
Any further engineering advice?!?!?



Yep, we are all human here. LOL! :sunglasses:

Anyway, if you look in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down near the bottom of the page for the “project reports” section and look for the list “dashboards,” you can see what a number of other community members have done. Some of the threads our hardware oriented discussing panels to put on the wall, but there are at least four or five which are software projects.


There are also some community members who have used eventghost with success.

So there are different ways to approach it.