Buying from the USA for use in the UK

Hi am based in the UK and I am off to Orlando in a couple of months, and was thinking of buying a few Smarthing Devices while over there, would they work with my UK Smarthings Hub.

The Z-Wave frequencies are different so US zwave devices will not work with a UK hub.
I believe I have read on the forum somewhere that although the US zigbee devices are compatible the frequency level may be too high and therefore illegal in Europe.
Not sure though.

Thanks for the reply Bob, that’s a pity, as they are a bit cheaper over there

SmartThings sensor will work, as they communicate via Zigbee

As others have said, the Z wave devices will not work. Zigbee devices are OK if they are not “amplified” as the US allows a power transmission level of almost double that of the UK maximum, so amplified zigbee devices are not legal there.

SmartThings senior staff have confirmed that for 2016 The SmartThings branded zigbee multi-sensor and motion sensor should be OK, but the US version of the water leak sensor uses amplified Zigbee.

All of that said, whenever you’re buying any electronics outside of the UK and the EU, check the label to see if they are certified “CE.” If not, they might be seized by customs on your way back in. This is rare, but can happen especially if you appear to have a large number that might be intended for resale.

More details:

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Thank you for your replies, I was thinking of getting the official Samsung Smartthings accessories, so as long as they are marked with the CE stamp, ( i won’t be buying loads,I probably will only get a couple of each accessory, so I should be ok with customs) the official Samsung ones should be ok with the U.K. Hub

The US version of the leak sensor is amplified. So stick with the U.K. version of that. See Tyler’s list linked to above.