Workaround for Alexa not controlling Samsung TV power

After reading through 160+ comments in a previous post ( found here - Samsung TV - Can't Turn On ) I have a viable work around for phone and Alexa users. It should be noted this tutorial is for users experiencing issues controlling their Samsung smart TVs with Amazon Echo voice control or their phones.


  1. For phone users the TV must be on wifi.
  2. Make sure “turn on with phone” and “IP remote” are turned on in network settings > expert settings.


  1. Enable SmartThings skills on the TV!
  2. In smart things create two scenes and name them whatever (Alexa custom routine will simplify this name in the end) - make one for on and off functions.
  3. once the scenes are in Alexa attached them to the room the tv is in.
  4. create one off and on voice routine > name either whatever but when it you type the voice command make sure they are “Alexa, turn off tv” / “Alexa turn on tv”

And with that you should be able to just say “Alexa Tv on / off” without any additional words / verbiage. While this is a bit of a workaround it leads to the simplest / easiest use with Alexa and phone.

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Just to note
The turn on with phone and IP network on options are not present in TVs from 2016 2017 unsure about 2018 onwards

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My tv is from 2020. Seems it’s still there.