Sound effect before alarm goes off (20 seconds)


I use smartthings as an alarm and yes, i understand that it is not flawless.
The thing i can’t get working is that an sound message will be playing when the alarm HASN’T gone off yet (20 seconds delay).

So i made a switch which will go active once the delay starts happening and i thought i could use Sharptools and tasker to make the tablet play an mp3 file (faster and faster beeps till the 20 seconds are up and the alarm hasn’t been shut off). But it takes like 10 seconds before that kicks in, and i want the delay sound being played within 2 seconds after the switch goes active.

Any suggestions? It doesn’t have to be played on the tablet, i also have chromecast’s audio’s and i’m willing to buy a other speaker/device if that will work.

Thanks, that’s perfect…if :blush:
i can change the volume through smartthings like: first 5 seconds X dB, second 5 seconds X dB etc. so that it continues to go louder.

I found a siren which seems perfect:

6 sounds: Door Chime, Bi Bi Arm/Disarm, Intruder alarm, Ambulance, Police car

But i am not a programmer of code :sweat: How do i know if i will be able to call upon the diffrent types of sirens?

@anon36505037 is correct, I’ve already created a DTH for the Zipato siren and it allows you to play all of those sounds, but the device doesn’t have a volume setting.

The door chime isn’t as loud as the beep beep and both of those aren’t as loud as any of the siren sounds so you could use the SmartApp CoRE to play the door chime and wait x seconds, then play the beep and wait x seconds and the turn the siren on.


@krlaframboise thanks!
That seems like a perfect solution to solving my problem.

But i cannot find a zipato siren US version, which ships to the Netherlands (europe)…
Whilist the Aeon GEN5 Z-WAVE PLUS INDOOR SIREN ZW080A17 does ship to the Netherlands from

and has a Device handler:

So i will go for the aeon, just because i need to get it here :slight_smile:

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I created that device handler too. While pairing it, make sure you tap the action button multiple times so that it pairs securely. If you’re unable to get it to pair securely, the beep feature will be too unreliable to use.

If you don’t care about it being as loud as a siren or continuously playing for more than 20 seconds, I recommend getting the Aeon Labs Doorbell because it allows you to load up to 100 mp3s that can be played by number. You need to pair it the same way or you’ll see an additional delay of 1-2 seconds.

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I made it work with the Aeon GEN5 Z-WAVE PLUS INDOOR SIREN ZW080A17.

Therefor i used the instuctions located at:

That makes the delay, and when S1 goes ON when the home is ARMED the beeping will start.

And it works perfectly. There´s a 1 ~ 1.5 second delay before the beepings start (using CoRe), which is perfect.
If i disarm the alarm the beeping instantly stops, if i don’t remove the alarm you know what happens :slight_smile:

  • My speakers go:

Using tasker auto input → spotify on my 5 chromecast audio’s through the whole house.

  • All alarms will ring;
  • All lights go on
  • All roller shutters go up
  • The ledstrips blink blue / red
  • The tablet calls me using tasker auto input → voipbuster
  • Smartthings texting me + my wife.

Do you have the step by step set up process for the intrusion sequence? Are you using ifttt for Spotify or everything is controlled by CoRE?