Sears B&M Hue 2nd Gen Starter (bridge + 3 color lights) $69 big YMMV

Stopped by my local Sears today and there was one Hue Starter kit on the shelf marked down to $69. They had another Hue Lux starter also marked to $69 which seemed less of a deal since it was a bridge and only two white bulbs.

Since it looks like the 2nd Gen bulbs have been going for about $25 recently, I thought this was a pretty decent deal, basically getting the bridge for free (which I needed anyway).

I had originally gone to check out the prices on Smartthings water and other sensors, since I had seen online that some Sears were selling them for $13-$16 but no dice at my Sears, with prices for everything still at $39.


Saw this and stopped by my Sears this afternoon. They had one gen 2 left with $64.99 on close out tag. Rang up as $57.99!!! Sa…weeet!

Thanks for the heads up!