Wiring GE12724 Dimmer Switch for Ceiling Fan light

So I’m usually pretty handy with stuff like this but I’m stumped. I have two switches for my ceiling fan, 1 for lights and 1 for fan. I want to swap the light switch for the 12724.

My old switch just had a red wire in the top and a black wire in the bottom that came from the fan control switch. I put the red in load, black in line, and had some white wires in the back of the gang box so took one and put it in the neutral slot. Turned the power back on and it didn’t work and neither did the fan switch. Any ideas?

It might be how you did the neutral. You should not take one out of the white bundle as you will interrupt a circuit. You need to add a pigtail to the white bundle and hook the pigtail to the GE.


Yeah, just add a pigtail wire from your new switch to the white bundle and that should do it.

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You mean the pigtail that came with it? I’m an idiot, I’ll give it a shot and update

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That’s the one and hey, you are not an idiot. It’s better to ask right?

Exactly. The current neutral bundle must stay intact. You add this to the existing neutral bundle and connect the other end to the GE.

Please also make sure you connect the ground to the new switch in the same manner. You may need to make a ground pigtail to hook to the existing ground bundle.

It worked. Thank you!