Smart light switch with dumb fan


I have a fan that uses two switches - one for fan and one for light. Something I haven’t been able to find here is whether or not I can use a ge smart switch for the lights, but keep the fan switch the same?

If so, what would the wiring look like? The fan currently has two black wires on the top and bottom (with ground), and the light has a red wire on top with a black wire on bottom (and ground)


If you also have a neutral in that box then yes you can, you should have two separate circuits. If not you’ll have to look for something other then the GE switches as they require a neutral.

I do have a neutral in the box. This is essentially what it looks like now. I’m just not sure how to wire it

That looks pretty straight forward. Just replace the light switch with the GE switch. Your hot (line) is at the bottom in your picture, your light (load) is at the top, then you need the neutral to the switch and ground. Easy peasy.

Okay, so the red wire In this situation is actually a load? If so then red will go on top and black on bottom just as on the existing switch?

Easy enough. Thanks for the quick help!

Correct - “line switched” is the same as load. If you only have two neutrals in the box, you could even ditch the wire nut and join them at the switch since it has two spaces for a neutral. Otherwise, attach one end of the supplied pigtail to the neutral contact on the switch, and add the other end to the neutral wire nut bundle.

Why not make both the light and fan “Smart”? GE has a Fan Controller as well…

Using the GE Plus series, you will also gain 4 extra “Buttons” (2 per switch) that can be used to trigger other automations. I started swapping out my older 12xxx series for the newer 14xxx series and it made things really easy to control. Plus the WAF was through the roof. She likes!

Double click the light down and everything in the room turn off.
Double click the fan up and the cooling Set Point rises by 2 degrees.
Double click the light up and the Iron is on, then Alexa starts the Flash Briefing!

Fan is on and no one is in the room for 10 minutes, then turn the fan off…

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Exactly. I did this to all of my fans a year ago and wouldn’t go back for anything. :slight_smile:

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