Wiring Fibaro 212 Relay with Momentary Switch

(Greg) #1

I’m on the verge of sending this back as I am convinced its faulty, however I just wanted to check this through with anyone else who may have used these.

Below are the instructions from the manual:

As you can see below, I have wired this in the correct way (im 99% sure)

Now, the switch I am using is a BG 20 AX Outdoor switch, the manual can be found here:

It states that for One Way switching, I should use the following:

7a) For ONE WAY Switching, wire the module as follows:-
Connect LIVE wire to COM terminal
Connect SWITCHED LIVE wire to 1 WAY terminal

I am doing that as you can see, however it suddenly occurred that Fibaro acts as a wireless switch, so in theory should be Two Way switching. This is where I am confused though:

7b) For TWO WAY Switching using this Switch & another remote switch, wire the module as follows:-
On one switch:-
Connect LIVE wire to COM terminal
Connect SWITCHED LIVE wire to 1 WAY/L1 terminal
On remote switch, using 3–core cable between switches
Connect wire core 1 between COM terminals
Connect wire core 2 between 1 WAY/L1 terminals
Connect wire core 3 between 2 WAY/L2 terminals
Note - the colours of the wires will be dependent on the type of cable used. See Wire Identification section for reference.
If a supplied Module has been changed for another compatible Switch Module type from the Grid range, the appropriate wiring instructions for the changed Module must be followed.
8. The unit has Neon Indicator pre-wired between the COM terminal & terminal block, with a Link wire to 1 WAY terminal. The Neon can be wired in one of three ways depending on presence of
Neutral supply.
1. Power Mode: Neon ALWAYS ON when POWER is ON.
2. Switch Mode: Neon ONLY ON when switch is ON.
3. Locator Mode: Neon ONLY ON when switch is OFF.

Does this second bit make any sense to anyone? If so, any suggestions on how I can wire this up?

(Robin) #2

The 212 single switch defaults to toggle switch.

To use a momentary switch you need to change parameter 14 to 0.

I assume it is only turning on when you hold the switch down but working fine via the app?

What device handler are you using?

Gate integration?
(Greg) #3

I’ve managed to get this working now.

I’ve got my own device handler modified from the SmartThings one to allow for parameter changes

(Robin) #4

FYI… a handy trick with the Fibaro Relays is you can use a custom handler to set params but then switch back to the ST Zwave relay handler for regular use, to enable local processing.

(Hendre) #5

I’m using the device handler @nimrooz provides here: Looking for Fibaro 212 relay device handler and it works great.

I need to use one of the 212-relays as a momentary switch to pulse a 12V gate motor (which has its own controller). The device handler does give the option to set the switch as a momentary switch as explained by Robin above.

I’ve been unable to find a device handler which allows me to set parameter 14. Any idea which device handler would allow me to do that?

(Robin) #6

Search for @zcapr17’s Zwave tweaker device handler.

It lets you set the parameters you want and you can then revert to your regular handler.

(Greg) #7

I actually wrote and released my own DTH since starting this topic

(Hendre) #8

Thank you @ghesp. I tried your handler, but there seems to be an issue with the settings page:

There is no indication of the parameters.

It would be nice if the landing page / home page (don’t know what it is called) of the device didn’t show an On/Off tile, but only the “Push” tile if the relay is set to toggle mode?

(Robin) #9

I think you’re just seeing the orphaned parameter settings from an old handler.

Click the X’s to remove them.

Edit: @ghesp, you don’t have any parameters in your code, it’s just a plain handler… but the generic Zwave handler can do that.

(Greg) #10

There are parameters in there. I mainly built it for toggling the switch type. Since the other parameters relate specifically to Fibaro, they’re pretty useless on SmartThings

(Robin) #11

Lots of the params are useful… auto off, responsive to alarm frames etc.

I see how you did it now, you just put toggle and momentary in as custom commands so you need to call them from another app to get the change to fire.

(Hendre) #12

Do you guys have any idea why the relay handler doesn’t work within a routine? I use the relay in momantery mode to pulse my gate motor and wanted to add that to a ST App routine which would open my gate, garage doors and turn on some lights. It works well, apart from the gate. (I’ve selected the Gate switch under the “Turn these switches on” heading of the ST Routine)

(Lik Toung Kho) #13


Can you share your device handler because I have difficulty to set param14 to 0 because I am using momentary switch

(Greg) #14