Wiring assistance, GE Fan control on 3way with fan, 3 way with light

Ok guys.
I need some help.
I have a great Room fan and light that are each on a 3 way circuit.
I have no idea how to wire this up right

The main wal box is 3 gang. Call it Wall Box A
It has fan, fan light and mud room light
A while back I swapped out mudroom for a GE switch and aux on a 3 way

Wall box B, 2 gang, contains the companion 3 way switches for both the fan and fan light

Wall box C is basically irrelevant to the discussion but I’m including it for the sake of diagraming ALL wiring related to Wall Box A. Wall box C, 1 gang, contains the GE Switch associated with the Aux switch in Wall Box A.

All I want is to wire up the Fan (not the fan light) on a Zwave fan controller. I have a GE Fan control switch and a GE Aux switch.

Here is a wiring diagram of the switches and all wiring coming into each wall box. It is color coded. Black/black, Blue/white(neutral), Magenta/Red, green is ground.
For sake of not cluttering diagrams further, I didn’t depict ground connections past the romex coming into wall box, but they are all there.

Now the thing that really had me perplexed is there is no neutral running into wall box B. Based on the wiring diagram, and that I want to convert one (but could do both switches to zwave) is there a way to repurpose a line to Box B as a neutral. If Box B were to contain 1 or 2 Aux switches, they only require 2 wires each, traveler and neutral, and obviously I can tail off a single line to both switches as neutral.

How the heck do I wire this up?
Desired config in Wall Box A:
Fan: zwave fan controller
Fan light: dumb switch
Mudroom: zwave switch (mudroom was done a while back)

As I said though, I’m ok with switching out the Fan light for Zwave if I have to in order to make wiring to wall Box B work.

Help guys!!

I don’t know if the GE slave switches will work with a fan controller . Easiest way I can think of would be to put a fan control module in line either in main control gang box ( A?) or in the hood of the fan , leave current switches & wiring intact.

Thank you so much for the reply! It’s greatly appreciated!

Not to be an ingrate :wink:, but Now the big question: is it possible to maintain the center switch-light as traditional switch and only change the fan switch to zwave based on the inter connection of the fan/light wiring? Specifically if I’m using one of the wires to the Wall Box B as a neutral capping off the unnecessary line?
If not I’ll do zwave for the light too. Just wasn’t a light I really wanted automated. :grinning:

The fan controllers do work in 3way config. I had wired one up before. It was easier though as I wasn’t trying to figure out what was what without an associated light kit, and both wall boxes on that install had neutrals run.
So far, this (wall box B) is the only wall box in the house without a neutral, and it’s the only fan with a light that’s on a three-way for both the fan and the light.

you can definitely don’t have to do anything to the light circuit and keep it as non smart. I figured I draw both just in case you want to change them later. Here’s one with just the fan circuit. Cap the black wire of Fan B switch since it’s not needed in a smart circuit.