New home, 2 fans on 2 switches (3 way)

Any suggestions on how to wire up a 3 way setup with two fans? New outdoor porch has two fans, wired back to two switches that appear to be a 3 way.

I just bought a few GE fan controllers (thanks Mr. Ritchie!) that are the older standard Zwave (not zwave plus model). Is my best bet to use one of these along side a 12723 add on 3 way switch?

2 fan load okay for these switches?

Hey yes the switch can handle two fans you just need to purchase the GE add on for the other switch. And good news is the add on will also change the fan speed too. This thread has tons of information on wiring as there will be changes required to make these work.

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Both switches control both fans correct? If so then you wire it just like you do a light. Main SmartSwitch with an Add On.

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